Coronavirus / COVID-19 Prevention in VSL Buildings

We are all are concerned about the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and how it may impact residents and team members at Vetter Senior Living facilities. Ensuring residents are cared for in a safe and healthy environment is our first priority. As the Coronavirus continues to spread in the United States, we have received new rules […]

Wahoo, NE: A Snowman First

We’ve all heard the saying “there’s always a first time”. A first happened recently at South Haven! Chris, Spiritual Support, learned that one of our residents had never made a snowman. When the snow started falling his plan started coming together. He brought in a large tub of snow and together they made a snowman. […]

Wahoo, NE: Fun Fall Activities For All

It’s been a busy fall at South Haven. Residents and their families enjoyed “Burgers & Bingo” on a nice evening. Burgers were enjoyed outdoors, followed by Bingo with prizes! On another beautiful fall day, residents enjoyed a trip to the Glass Chapel at Gretna. It is always a well-attended outing! Quality Life: We will create […]

Wahoo, NE: Pumpkins For Everyone!

The Halloween Spirit has arrived at South Haven. Residents and staff have spent time recently decorating pumpkins. The designs of the pumpkins are as varied as the residents and staff themselves! There are a lot of creative people at South Haven! Quality Life: We will create a living environment that radiates love, peace, spiritual contentment, […]

Wahoo, NE: Residents Enjoy A Luau!

South Haven’s Memory Support residents recently enjoyed a Hawaiian Luau! They loved the Hawaiian music that Miguel played on the ukulele. The room was decorated for the occasion and leis were everywhere. A special meal of pork sandwiches, fresh fruit and decorated cupcakes was served. It was a festive, refreshing way to spend a hot […]

Wahoo, NE: Up, Up & Away

Hot Air Balloons. Do you know how they work? South Haven residents recently learned how they work and their history while watching a documentary. With many smiles and giggles, our residents performed an experiment to show what makes the balloon rise. They also made hot air balloons to hang in their windows. Quality Life: We […]

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Wahoo, NE: Spring Is In The Air

“Behold, my friend, the spring is come; the earth has gladly received the embraces of the sun, and we shall soon see the results of their love!” –Sitting Bull Although it hasn’t been too sunny outside lately, it sure has been inside! One of our frequent visitors started some garden vegetables from seed at home, […]

Wahoo, NE: Eggs, Bunnies & Easter!

“April hath put a spirit of youth in everything” -William Shakespeare At South Haven, we have a new group called “Pep Planning with Amber”. This gives the residents the opportunity to meet with Life Enrichment Coordinator, Amber Lihs, to discuss what they would like to see happen the following month. At their March meeting residents […]

Wahoo, NE: Reubens for Saunders County Lost Pets

At South Haven, we love Reubens and we love charities! A March tradition is to vote on a charity we’d like to support through cooking up and selling delicious Reubens. People called and placed orders throughout the week. They could come in to eat in Town Hall or pull up out front and have it […]

Wahoo, NE: St. Pat’s Leads to Spring

After our focus on a chilly Iditarod race, we wanted to warm back up and focus on Spring! First up we celebrated National Plant a Flower Day. Many of us planted Zinnias, Alyssums, and English Daisies of beautiful assorted colors. We planted in clay pots that are just the right size for soaking up the […]

Wahoo, NE: Teaming Up For The Iditarod

As Alaska’s Iditarod race kicked off, we kicked off a race of our own! Each neighborhood’s staff and residents worked as a team to face the daily challenges. They kept in mind they’d be “traveling through the Alaskan terrain for 938 miles over a span of 15 days”. Challenge one was to build a sled […]

Wahoo, NE: Hot Cake Hootenanny

Give us a day that is traditionally celebrated with food, and we’re in! This year we celebrated Mardi Gras, also known as Fat Tuesday, by having a Hot Cake Hootenanny! Pancakes could be found being eaten, thrown, flipped, and stacked! Our winner actually stacked 19 mini green pancakes! Twenty-four South Haven residents joined in the […]

Wahoo, NE: Hugs, Hugs & More Hugs!

National Hugging Day was January 21st. Residents and team members at South Haven enjoyed the day immensely! Hugs and smiles were everywhere. Isn’t it amazing that a hug, such a simple gesture, can bring such great joy to all involved! Quality Life-We will create a living environment that radiates love, peace, spiritual contentment,dignity and safety, […]

Wahoo, NE: Shaving Cream Art

Can you imagine using shaving cream to create art? That is just what South Haven residents did recently. They mixed the shaving cream with paint and let the fun begin. Some beautiful pictures were the result. Quality Life: We will create a living environment that radiates love, peace, spiritual contentment, dignity and safety, while encouraging […]

Wahoo, NE: Welcome 2019!

2019 was welcomed in by South Haven residents! We enjoyed party hats, balloons, noise makers & bubbly! Smiles were everywhere as the noise makers tooted & the bells struck “midnight”. Quality Life:  We will create a living environment that radiates love, peace, spiritual contentment, dignity and safety, while encouraging personal independence. Submitted By: Marcia Frahm, […]

Wahoo, NE: South Haven Lights The Tree

As the Christmas tree and decorations went up South Haven residents anxiously awaited the Tree Lighting Ceremony. They enjoyed all the activity needed to make everything festive. As the time approached to light the tree, the anticipation grew as carols were sung. Ooh’s and aah’s could be heard as the tree was lit. Afterwards everyone […]

Wahoo, NE: Spirit Week Fun

The Halloween Spirit was alive and well at South Haven. The week brought the return of Spirit Week to South Haven. Throughout the week residents & staff enjoyed Mis-match Day, Throwback Thursday, Pajama Day, and of course, Husker Day. It was amazing to see the wide variety of outfits and costumes that everyone created. Pumpkins […]

Wahoo, NE: Halloween Fun at South Haven

October 31st brought a large assortment of characters to the halls of South Haven. Residents and staff outfitted in their best costumes welcomed the neighborhood trick or treaters. As the halls filled with laughter and excitement the residents handed out treats near their rooms. Seeing all the young ones was a highlight of our residents’ […]

Wahoo, NE: Husker Pep Rally

South Haven staff and residents kicked off the season with a Pep Rally full of Husker spirit! The kitchen provided tailgate appetizers, everyone wore their best Husker gear and colors. Pom poms, whistles, balloons, and smiles were everywhere! We had several ladies represent cheerleaders, and several gentlemen entered to the booming tunnel walk playing over […]

Wahoo, NE: The Parade – An Annual Tradition

The annual Saunders County Parade in Wahoo was on everyone’s to do list at South Haven during fair week. It was a beautiful summer evening to be at the parade as we enjoyed sack lunches while we waited for the parade to start. Residents eagerly watched for family members and friends in the parade. Statements […]

Wahoo, NE: Loving Creatures Big & Small

The excitement and smiles everywhere as the Pet Show participants arrived. Residents were encouraged to touch, hold and love the pets. There were several types of snakes, a Guinea pig and a gecko. Several dogs, a puppy, a kitten, bunnies and a hedgehog were also shared with our residents. A pony was also brought in […]

Wahoo, NE: The Sun, The Water & A Boat

What happens when you mix South Haven residents, Lake Wanahoo, warm weather and the Live Well Go Fish group? The result is many happy, smiling faces and many fish that have been caught! The fishing was amazing for the Live Well Go Fish group and our residents. Each resident caught at least one fish, most […]

Wahoo, NE: A Week FULL of Fun

National Nursing Home Week’s Survivor challenge is just that, a challenge, at South Haven. Teams of residents & team members have been completing challenges throughout the week to be the top survivor. The week has brought many fun things to the residents. Fontenelle Forest presented a program on Raptors and brought owls along to show. […]

Wahoo, NE: Surviving The Rainforest

Listening to the sounds of crickets, water and monkeys, South Haven residents and team members are the “Survivors” of the rainforests and jungles at South Haven. Waterfalls and Tiki Huts have taken over the halls of South Haven for National Nursing Home Week. Totem poles and vines can be found wherever you look. You don’t […]

Wahoo, NE: Reubens and Backpacks

Reuben sandwiches are a tradition at South Haven. Each year we hold a fund raiser selling reubens. Pre-orders are delivered to your car by our favorite “pickle” at our “drive-thru”. This year we chose the Saunders County Ministerial Association’s Backpack Program as the benefactor of our fund raiser. The Backpack Program sends weekend meals home […]

Wahoo, NE: Gold Medals Awarded at South Haven

When the Winter Olympics came to South Haven Ice Fishing, Curling & Target Shooting took on new meanings. Residents were able to earn points by catching certain fish. More points could be earned by Curling with cheese puffs. The goal was to toss the cheese puff and hit the whipped cream on your partners head. […]

Wahoo, NE: Pancakes & Fat Tuesday

Pancakes, pancakes and more pancakes! Fat Tuesday brought the pancake lovers out at South Haven. Residents and staff were able to enjoy the pancakes, sausage and fun. The rule “Don’t play with your food” was totally ignored as residents stacked pancakes as high as they could. Flying pancakes, although low and only for short distances, […]

Wahoo, NE: A Cake For Every Birthday

Whether we admit it or not, birthdays are something special to almost everyone. It makes no difference if we are 5 or 95! South Haven recently welcomed Kelly Eklund as our new Dietary Manager. Birthdays are important to Kelly and our residents! She makes a special cake for each resident when they have a birthday. […]

Wahoo, NE: Christmas Fun & Laughter at South Haven

The Annual Christmas Variety Show was held at South Haven. It always guarantees to put smiles on our residents’ faces! Our therapy department put a new twist on The Twelve Days of Christmas. Our Alden neighborhood presented their version of Santa Baby and Leadership presented a unique version of The Night before Christmas. After the […]

Wahoo, NE: Annual Soup Lunch and the Claus’

The holiday season has come and gone at South Haven but the memories remain! Families were invited to our annual Soup Lunch. Three kinds of soup, deli subs & desserts were served to over 300 residents and guests. Our residents enjoyed having their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren join them for a few hours. It […]

Wahoo, NE: Katie Snyder Awarded VSL Scholarship

On December 19, 2017 Katie Snyder was presented with a VSL $1000 Scholarship to be used towards her nursing degree. Katie recently finished her Associated Degree and has continued in her schooling to achieve her Bachelor of Science in nursing degree. Katie is an aggressive learner who enjoys long term care and the challenges it […]

Wahoo, NE: South Haven’s Pumpkin Patch

What happens when you take pumpkins, a variety of paint, add in sequins, hats and whatever you can find from other projects. Add some creative residents and team members from South Haven. The results are amazing! Among the creations were a pineapple, Frankenstein, a latte and a nurse. South Haven’s Pumpkin Patch was exceptional this […]

Wahoo, NE: Spooks, Goblins and Treats at South Haven

Halloween brought out lots of fun and creative characters at South Haven. Team members were asked to pair up with residents for the Halloween Parade. The Therapy Department also joined in the fun with amazing costumes for themselves and many residents. A Halloween Party with festive treats and a scary video completed the afternoon. Later […]

Wahoo, NE: South Haven Disaster 2017 “Drill

A Collaboration with all health system is what it takes to make a disaster seem manageable and creates lasting relationships with those who support our communities during a time of need. On 10/12/2017 South Haven participated in a County wide disaster drill. Our drill started out as a simple email from Kathie our administrator to […]

Wahoo, NE: Cancer Awareness at South Haven

In observance of Cancer Awareness Month South Haven residents and team members had a “Pink Out” day by wearing pink. Residents were given luminary bags to decorate to remember their loved ones who have battled cancer. Team members, by making a donation, could wear jeans with their pink shirts and decorate luminaries. The large assortment […]

Wahoo, NE: Fish, Music & Fun at South Haven

On a warm, but slightly breezy, September evening South Haven hosted its annual Fall Fish Fry. A lovely group gathered with their loved ones to enjoy the fish, fries & cole slaw. A local polka band added to the festive atmosphere. Sno Cones were served and clowns painted the faces of residents, guests and team […]

Wahoo, NE: Dreamweaver, Husker Football & Mary!

Our resident Mary Ramsey has always been a huge lifelong Husker fan. When our therapy team learned that the last time Mary had been to a Husker game, it had cost her only 10 cents to get in, they did some creative thinking and submitted her story to the Dreamweaver Foundation. Mary’s nomination was selected […]

Wahoo, NE: A Day At The Zoo For South Haven Residents

On Wednesday September 13th South Haven headed to the Henry Doorly Zoo with 26 residents, 19 staff, 5 of their kids, and 1 family member. There is no way that we could have pulled off such an adventure without the complete support of our amazing team members! South Haven is so blessed to have so […]

Wahoo, NE: A Sweet Goey Treat at South Haven

South Haven residents were surprised with a special treat on Labor Day! A S’mores Bar! Music, drinks, and the opportunity to roast your own marshmallow brought back the smells, tastes and memories of Labor Day weekend camping for our residents! Do you think some camping stories were shared? Thank you so much to Life Enrichment […]

Wahoo, NE: Viewing The Eclipse At South Haven

After enjoying an early lunch of grilled hamburgers and hotdogs, South Haven residents went out to view the eclipse. With everyone wearing their special protective eyewear we relaxed and waited for the show to begin! Out in the beautiful weather the residents reminisced about seeing the last one in 1979 with pin holes in paper. […]

Wahoo, NE: Keeping Up The Parade Tradition

On a nice summer evening, South Haven residents gathered to watch the Saunders County Parade in Wahoo. Residents ate an early supper then rode on buses to our designated spot along the parade route. It was fun to see the color guards, bands, old cars and tractors. We also enjoyed the floats and fire trucks […]

Wahoo, NE: Classic Cars & Tractors at South Haven

A Classic Car and Tractor show was the highlight of the week for many South Haven residents. The parking lot was filled with a large variety of cars, tractors and trucks on a warm, but not hot, summer day. The residents enjoyed reminiscing and chatting with each other about the cars and tractors and team […]

Wahoo, NE: Celebrating America’s Birthday at South Haven

South Haven residents had gathered in front of the building in anticipation of the bright lights and loud noises. As the fireworks started on July 3rd there were many ooh’s and ah’s. The display was amazing as one after another shot into the air. We even were able to see some of the neighbor’s fireworks! […]

Wahoo, NE: A Sparkling Pond At South Haven

As our Outstanding Facilities Vision states “We develop buildings and grounds that enhance quality life and are recognized as attractive landmarks in the community.” Maintaining those buildings & grounds is also a stalwartly part of our Vision. Recently South Haven’s Maintenance Dept. and our Administrator Kathie O’Dell took on the challenge of cleaning the duck […]

Wahoo, NE: The Early Days of Haven City

With the “Spirit of The Old West”, and a lot of imagination, South Haven team members built “Haven City” with what they had available. Just like in the ol’ west Haven City had a Saloon and at least one Outhouse! A Sheriffs Office and Jail are also needed when you have “Gangs” of cowboys, shady […]

Wahoo, NE: All In A Day At “Haven City”

“Haven City”, aka south Haven has seen a flurry of activity on Main Street as National Nursing Home Week continues. A Mother’s Day Tea brought the youngin’s in to spend time with their moms and grandmas. Local Girl Scouts spent time with our residents a’gluin & a’cuttin to make dream catchers. We also held a […]

Wahoo, NE The Maiden Voyage of Live Well, Go Fish & South Haven!

South Haven was honored to be a part of the Grand Opening and on the maiden voyage of the Live Well.Go Fish. pontoon boat at Lake Wanahoo on Wednesday May 17th as part of our National Nursing Home Week Celebration. Live Well. Go Fish. Is a non- profit organization started by David and Katherine Ruder […]

Wahoo, NE: Haven City & The Spirit Of The Old West

“Haven City”, aka South Haven, came to life during National Nursing Home Week. New Main Street businesses now include a Saloon, the Sherriff’s Office & Jail and a Photo Booth. Life is challenging at Haven City as several shady looking “Gangs” of residents and team members have been trying to grow their cattle herds throughout […]

Wahoo, NE: Blue Skies, Warm Breezes & Kites

What’s a perfect thing to do on a warm, sunny and slightly breezy spring day? Fly a kite of course! And that is the Alden residents at South Haven did recently! Several residents took turns flying the kite and watched as the kites whipped around in the breeze. The kite’s tails caught everyone’s attention as […]

Celebrating How Our Heroes Touch the Lives of Others

Vetter Health Services has been delivering quality care to seniors for over 40 years. We pride ourselves on providing quality living options and care to seniors throughout all of our 30 locations. We celebrate the heroes that work for us and dedicate their lives in caring for others. Charles Devlin said it best in the following quote, “Every day […]