Seward, NE: I am AVERY!

It started as a joke and turned into a very humorous event with t-shirts! Avery has set high standards for himself in doing his job efficiently and effectively while modeling for others. Avery is quick to answer call lights and one day a nurse jokingly said to Hope and Roman that Avery would have gotten […]

Seward, NE: Congratulations Hugh!

Congratulations to Hugh for his 65 years with the Exeter, Nebraska VFW! Hugh joined the Army and served in Korea from 1951-1953. Hugh was in the 3rd Division tank and field Artillery Unit where he fired a 105 mm. Hugh and his team had to travel for 16 days on a ship each way to […]

Seward, NE: Seward County Fair

August brings fair time to Seward. Many people know someone who is involved in the fair one way or the other. We are fortunate to take residents and explore memories of farming with old tractors, eating home made pie, good conversations and of course petting animals, or kissing them as the llama preferred. The llama […]

Seward, NE: Garden Beauty

We are so blessed and fortunate to have so many beautiful things in our lives. Have you ever stopped to think how many blessings we have in a day? Have you ever stopped, looked at God’s beauty and think we are thankful? Many people do not and yet some do. Our courtyard in Hummingbird was […]

Seward, NE: Welcome Back School Personnel

It’s that time of year where people are getting ready for school. On Friday Aug. 9, 2019 Ridgewood put on their second annual welcome back coffee and muffin drive through for school personnel. They were literally able to drive up, get their hot coffee in a Ridgewood travel mug and choose from three different muffin […]

Seward, NE: 50th Anniversary-Landing on the Moon!

If you were born in 1969, what were you doing when the moon landing happened? Some were too young to remember, some saw it on black and white TV and others may have even been there! Ridgewood celebrated with a week of fun. A moon quiz, moon snacks, throw back Thursday to 1969 and an […]

Seward, NE: Got your GOAT!!!

When you live in a farming community you get blessed with folks willing to share their goats for a visit. Residents enjoyed these two goats visiting throughout the building with the residents. It was great to see smiling faces when they were able to realize the noises that sounded like babies crying were actual goats. […]

Seward, NE: Great Day on the Lake!

Despite the temperature on land there was a great breeze on Lake Wanahoo in Wahoo Thursday June 27th. Residents at Ridgewood had the pleasure of touring the lake with LiveWell GoFish. We were fortunate to catch a few fish while enjoying the sunshine and flew a kite as well. One resident was even our “Skipper” […]


We celebrated the wonderful CNAs this week with a Red Carpet Oscar winning performance of activities and food! 🙂 We appreciate all our CNAs who spend time with our residents meeting not only their daily needs, but going above and beyond to ensure they are loved and enjoying life. Thank you for your hard work, […]

Seward, NE: Take Me Out To The Ball Game!!

It was a beautiful night Friday June 7, 2019 for a Salt Dogs baseball game. Seven residents and many staff and their families were able to enjoy the night out. We had special shirts made for out outing and were able to enjoy one of our residents Marc throwing out the first pitch. Homer also […]

Seward, NE: Penny Wars…A Success

A penny is so much more than one cent. Ridgewood played penny wars to raise money for the Vetter Foundation. Each household was given a large container (except the Robin household had 2) to play. The idea was to get as many pennies in your team’s container while skillfully “sabotaging” the other households with dollars […]

Seward, NE: Birthday Bash!

April brought Easter and the monthly Birthday Bash celebration! Ridgewood is blessed to have Connie Jindra!! Connie graciously shares her creativity and fabulous talent of cake decorating each month. Connie made two fabulous looking cakes like this for April’s birthday bash. Not only was it festive (people didn’t want to cut it), but it was […]

Seward, NE: Congratulations Lady Bulldogs!

2019 NAIA Division II Women’s Basketball National Champions…Concordia Bulldogs. The ladies were able to take some time with assistant Coach Tae’lor Purdy to come and allow Ridgewood to celebrate their success! This group of fine young women have been to Ridgewood twice since fall helping decorate pumpkins and making sock snowmen. It was only fitting […]

Seward, NE: It’s All About People

Without people we’d be no where. Ridgewood Rehabilitation and Care Facility is blessed to have a wonderful People Development Coordinator. Rachel Pustovit goes above and beyond to select and develop team members who radiate warmth and compassion. She conducts orientation classes to develop excellent teams. Rachel is one of the first people you meet when […]

Seward, NE: First Spring Flower

The first sign of spring showed up at Ridgewood on March 7th. So many people were talking about the snow, cold, the long winter we’re having, so one of the Life Enrichment assistants took her creative painting outside and painted a flower in the snow so people to see and think of spring. It brought […]

Seward, NE: Blankets for Fur Friends

It never seems to fail when there is a dog or cat visiting there are many smiles. Ridgewood is organizing a fund raiser for the Blue Valley Pet Rescue and staff can choose to pay $2.00 Friday-Sunday to wear jeans or different scrubs. The residents got involved during Life Enrichment groups to make 4 tie […]

Seward, NE: Drinks for Everyone

Ascera Care kindly provided Ridgewood residents, visitors and staff with a coffee cart on Friday March 1. Ascera Care is one of the hospice providers who ensure the best for those they serve. They were gracious enough to bring some smiles and drinks to Ridgewood. We appreciate the kind gesture Ascera Care. Even the Cat […]

Seward, NE: Friday Fun-Bring Dr. Seuss to Life

Ridgewood ended the celebration of Dr. Seuss week with the opportunity to bring a character to life. As you can see…The Cat In The Hat and Thing 1 and Thing 2 may be some of his popular characters. Wocket in my Pocket did make an appearance as well as The Grinch. The residents, staff and […]

Seward, NE: Green Eggs and Ham….YUM?

“Do you like green eggs and ham?” Dr. Seuss quotes…well it really isn’t all the bad. Ridgewood had green eggs and ham day as they continue to celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday this week. If you didn’t like the green eggs and ham there was a yummy pretzel looking like it could be an imposture. What […]

Seward, NE: Dr. Seuss continues day 2

Nothing says quality of life more than Dr. Seuss. Weather reading one of his books, wearing crazy socks like a fox (Tuesday) or talking about the Cat in the Hat, one cannot help but smile. If one person smiles it becomes contagious and soon many are smiling and having a good time. Ridgewood had crazy […]

Seward, NE: Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

You are never too old to enjoy Dr. Seuss. In honor of his birthday coming up on March 2nd. Ridgewood is enjoying a week of blue, red, fish, socks, snacks and so much more. Rachel Pustovit put together themes for each day for staff and residents to enjoy. Monday we celebrated Red, Blue, One fish, […]

Seward, NE: Snow Fun!

I think everyone has made the comment in the last few days, “I wish it would stop snowing.” At some point you learn to embrace what you’ve been given and enjoy the day. During a Life Enrichment group with Clara, residents made snow ice cream. A couple had done it before others had not. It […]

Seward, NE: The Fun of Carpet Cleaning

Everyone likes to feel appreciated and useful. At Ridgewood Scott Nitz displayed his care and compassion with Doris. Doris is spunky, on the go and has talked about the man that runs the big machine. On Thursday Feb. 7, 2019, Doris wanted to help clean carpets and she was not intimidated by the big blue […]

Seward, NE: Ridgewood Gives to Foster Friends

Ridgewood’s 4th Quarter community outreach campaign raised money and supplies for Foster Friends, a local non-profit organization. Foster Friends supports foster families by providing needed supplies for children who have just been put in the system or who are currently living in foster care. The Vetter Foundation provided us $250 and the team members raised […]

Seward, NE: Life Stories

Seward is a great place to be especially when you have great neighbors like Concordia University. These students went out and talked with older adults in their lives or even people they did not know to learn about Life Stories and how they are important to everyone. One of the students even interviewed one of […]

Seward, NE: It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Snow is falling and the colder temperatures didn’t stop the staff and residents of Ridgewood having the Christmas Spirit! We were blessed to have some “elves” assist with putting up some of our trees this year to help remember their loved one who passed away earlier this year. She was very instrumental in helping decorate […]

Seward, NE: Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from Ridgewood in Seward! It’s not everyday someone calls you up and says they would like to donate a six foot turkey for residents to enjoy and share their love and talent with you. That’s exactly what happened at Ridgewood. Brandy Rima owner and operator of Brandy’s Balloons in Seward did. She has […]

Seward, NE: Birthday Bash!

Nothing says birthdays like balloons! Seward recently got a business called BB’s specializing in awesome balloons. Brandy did not disappoint. She was able to individualize each person’s balloon with something they liked or represented them. It was amazing to watch her twist, cut and decorate so many balloons in such a short time. Our residents […]

Seward, NE: New Gazebo

Thank you to our fabulous guys: Scott, Chris and Kolten who got the gazebo up in the Hummingbird Garden. They had a few “supervisors” to ensure they did it correctly. Staff and residents are excited to get to use this and in Nebraska with the weather changing we still have a chance. Our maintenance guys […]

Seward, NE: Ready for Cooler Weather

It’s great to be in a community like Seward where right down the street is the St. Vincent DePaul school. The 4th graders did a service project of making fleece tie blankets and brought them up to Ridgewood for residents that may need them. The children stated it did not take long for them to […]

Seward, NE: Thank you Dietary Department

This week Ridgewood is celebrating all the hard work our dietary team does for our residents and all of us. On Wednesday it was dress as a food or drink and as you see by the picture the creativity is endless. We ended up with and ice cream cone (with a cherry on top), a […]

Seward, NE: Gloria Prochnow 2018 N.N.F.A. Champion of Care Award

On Sept. 19, Gloria Prochnow, Housekeeping and Laundry Supervisor at Ridgewood Rehabilitation and Care Center in Seward, received the 2018 Champion of Care Award from the Nebraska Nursing Facility Association (NNFA) for providing outstanding resident care. The award was presented to Prochnow at the association’s Fall Convention Awards Luncheon in Lincoln, Nebraska. Prochnow was nominated […]

Seward, NE: Love Our Nurses

Ridgewood would be lost without these four excellent team members. They consistently work to assist when needed, go above and beyond when a person (resident, staff or family member) needs anything. They have spent time covering the floors when people have called in and keep everyone informed of what is going on. These four nurses […]

Seward, NE: Grandparent’s Day!

Sunday Sept. 9th Ridgewood celebrated Grandparent’s day by serving free pancake and sausage for the community, residents and staff. It was great to see all the families come and enjoy spending time with one another while celebrating Grandparents and Great Grandparents. It’s amazing to see the number of generations in families and such a blessing. […]

Seward, NE: GO BIG RED!

Friday Aug. 31, 2018 residents and staff gathered for the big tailgate of 2018 to kick off the FROST of Nebraska’s football season. Much anticipation of what Coach Frost will offer this season as people were able to guess the score, guess the number of red and white M & Ms and enjoy time with […]

Seward, NE: Saying Thanks to Teachers & Giving Supplies

Ridgewood Rehabilitation and Care Center served coffee with a variety of creamers and three choices of delicious muffins for the return of the Seward School Personnel Aug. 10, 2018. It was literally a drive through service met with happy “good morning”s and “enjoy the start of a new year” from team members. Thanks to the […]

Seward, NE: Ridgewood Heads to the Fair

Ridgewood Residents, staff and volunteers headed to the Seward County Fair on Friday Aug. 10, 2018. This is an annual event for the residents, however this year we were able to get to the animals due to the fair paving more areas. Everyone had a great time seeing animals, eating pie, sharing kettle corn, seeing […]

Seward, NE: One Year Injury Free!

Ridgewood Celebrated one year injury free on July 19,2018. It takes everyone to be “on their A game” when it comes to being an injury free facility. The team members at Ridgewood worked hard to ensure this happened this year paying attention to small details and working together. The Home Office came to celebrate and […]

Seward, NE: Visiting Chickens

3 chickens in diapers, bathed and blow dried came to visit and share enjoyment with residents and staff. A residents great grand daughter has been working with the chickens since they were little reading to them and handling them. The chickens love to be held on laps and enjoyed “conversations” with the residents. It was […]

Seward, NE: Ridgewood’s Got Talent

Ridgewood residents requested a variety show. What a fantastic idea they had! Residents and team members were invited to sign up and share their talents. Ridgewood Choir sang songs, Verneal shared her paintings, even the administrator participated, dressing up in her nurses uniform from the 70’s and then invited resident, John M to dance with […]

Seward, NE: National Skilled Nursing Care Week

National Skilled Nursing Care Week was a blast! Team members and residents enjoyed dressing up for our fun days: team day, twin day, vacation day, patriotic day and hat day. On Thursday, the community was invited to join us for a free grill out. We set up a bounce house, had yard games, entertainment by […]

Seward, NE: St. John 8th Grade Visit

We were excited when the 8th Grade class said they wanted to come to Ridgewood and spend some time with us. The 8th grade students played Ocean Bingo along side us. They were helpful and kind. After playing bingo, the 8th graders shared with us their beautiful voices. What great talent those 8th graders have! […]

Seward, NE: Party on the Nile

Ridgewood residents were invited to Party on the Nile. This year’s senior prom was made possible with the help of many community members. Seward High School shared their prom decorations with us. The ten foot tall pharaoh arch, numerous camel cut outs, and photo backdrop were huge wow factors. Hillcrest Wedding Decor Rentals provided beautiful […]

Seward, NE: Cookies and Cards for Cops

To thank the law enforcement officers of Seward, our residents spent some time baking chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies. The whole building smelled delicious, but the cookies were being reserved for those who protect and serve us. Members of Seward County Sheriff department were greeted at the door with smiles, “thank you’s,” and cookies […]

Seward, NE: Sip and Paint with IN2L

During the planning meeting with residents for national skilled nursing care week, a request was made for another paint and sip party. The IN2L was used to play a video that gave step by step instructions for residents to complete a dandelion painting. Wide and thin brushes and even q-tips were used to create these […]

Seward, NE: Day 3 – Cape Day

In the VETTER WAY acronym, R stands for Represent – We are to be happy and interested while having fun at what we do. The W stands for Work & Living Space – We are to do our part to make the work environment a place where people love to be. Both of these happen […]

Seward, NE: Birthday Bash!

Today was our monthly Birthday Bash. Each month, we celebrate the with the residents who have birthdays during our Birthday Bash. Entertainment by the Franklin Hronik band is always a hit and residents and family members can be seen singing along to the polka music they enjoy. Cake and drinks are served to everyone who […]

Seward, NE: Living in Full Bloom

2018 National Healthcare Volunteer Week is April 15-21. As a part of our “Thanks a Brunch” we wanted to give our wonderful volunteers a special thank you of a flower arrangement. Erin Weides, owner and designer of Flower It, a studio florist in Seward, brought in buckets of flowers, vases and tools, and taught a […]

Seward, NE: Jesus Christ is Risen

Mrs. Meyer and the second grade students from St. John Lutheran School came this afternoon to share the story of Easter with our residents. They did a wonderful job acting out the empty tomb, Jesus appearing to Mary, the disciples and on the road to Emmaus. What a great reminder that Jesus died and rose […]

Seward, NE: First Grade Readers!

“You’re never too old, too wacky, too wild, to pick up a book and read to a child.” There is debate over who said this, but the fact remains true: Reading with a child is good for you! The First Grade students from St. John Lutheran School visited us this month and sang songs about […]