Coronavirus / COVID-19 Prevention in VSL Buildings

We are all are concerned about the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and how it may impact residents and team members at Vetter Senior Living facilities. Ensuring residents are cared for in a safe and healthy environment is our first priority. As the Coronavirus continues to spread in the United States, we have received new rules […]

Papillion, NE: Painting the Town…

Last week volunteers gathered at the home of Mrs. King in North Omaha to participate in the 30th Anniversary of Brush-Up Nebraska. The team of volunteers, sponsored by Papillion Manor, spent two days working on Mrs. Kings home. On Wednesday 20 volunteers from Offutt Air Force Base’s 55th AMXS, led by TSgt Jacob Diley, spent […]

Papillion, NE: Celebrating Life Enrichment Week!

Papillion Manor’s residents stay active and fulfilled with the help of the Life Enrichment Department. Christie, Barb and Amanda pictured below are part of the LE team along with Margaret, Bud and Angie. We celebrated by thanking them for all that they do for the residents during Life Enrichment Appreciation Week. One way we thanked […]

Papillion, NE: Papillion Manor County Fair Celebration

Papillion Manor hosted it’s Second Annual County Fair. Residents worked on projects in four different categories to earn ribbons for their efforts. Submissions included quilts, cookies, ceramic paintings, woodworking and more! They also had a visit from a very cuddly bunny that was loved on by all. Family members came to visit over dinner with […]

Papillion, NE: Papillion Manor Celebrating Best Places to Work!

Two people at a party

Papillion Manor celebrated Vetter Senior Living being named one of the Best Workplaces for Aging Services by Great Places to Work. Employees, residents and guests were able to choose from coffee, hot chocolate or hot cider with many topping choices. While they enjoyed their hot beverage the video announcing Vetter Senior Living’s award was played […]

Papillion, NE: Papillion Manor Celebrates Safety Days!

Papillion Manor celebrates 200,000 injury free hours! Papillion Manor focuses on Skilled Nursing and Short Term Rehabilitation and has 160+ staff members. This is a great achievement for the size of the building and the large workforce of team members that supports it. Papillion Manor strives to create an environment that makes safety a priority […]

Papillion, NE: Papillion Manor Wins Awards for Senior Care Services and Nursing Home/Long Term Care

Congratulations to Papillion Manor for winning in the Sarpy County Peoples Choice Awards. The two categories that were won are Senior Care Services and Nursing Home/Long Term Care Facility. This is the third year of the Sarpy County People’s Choice Awards, which honors the top businesses in Sarpy County, as voted by the readers of […]

Papillion, NE: Papillion Manor Education and Fun

Papillion Manor uses their iN2L for various activities. One of the activities is using it to educate all the residents, staff as well, on different current or past event. One of the activities showed the residents the history behind the solar eclipse. This event is especially important in the Nebraska viewing area for they had […]

Papillion, NE: iN2L “Down Memory Lane”

Here at Papillion Manor our Life Enrichment staff utilizes their iN2L on a daily basis. Some of the group activities that the Life Enrichment staff puts together will use the iN2L to display different videos, play games, trivia and history, and a wide variety of other activities. One of the residents here at Papillion Manor […]

Papillion, NE: Wear Your Red Guys Are At It Again

On Friday, July 21, Bill Morrison and Bill Harrington went to the Wings of Freedom Tour at Eppley Airport in Omaha. It was Bill Morrison’s birthday, but he wanted his friend and table mate to experience seeing a B-24 Liberator plane like Col Harrington, USAF retired, had flown in as the bombardier 50 missions from […]

Papillion, NE: New Orleans Sneaux

Man has it been hot these past couple weeks!!! To beat the heat Papillion Manor had New Orleans Sneaux come to the facility this past Tuesday. New Orleans Sneaux serves authentic southern sno-balls (also known as snow cones in the Midwest but with a twist). Employees, residents, and family members were able to pick out […]

Papillion, NE: Serving Our Community

The Stephen Center has served the homeless and low-income individuals in South Omaha since 1984.They are established as a 501(c) (3) since December of 1983. The Stephens Center is located in the heart of South Omaha. Last week Papillion Manors Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator found out that the Stephen Center was in dire need […]

Papillion, NE: Wear Your Red

Beginning in the early 2000s, military supporters across the United States started wearing red on Fridays. The purpose of this is to show support for the service members who protect our freedom and way of life around the world. Last Friday two of our veteran residents and one of the nurses at Papillion Manor wore […]

Papillion, NE: Papillion Manors Kindness Committee

Another month has come and gone which means Papillion Manor’s Kindness committee is back at it again. Each month the Papillion Manor’s Kindness committee, which is led by the residents, meets to decide on what they are going to do to make an impact in the community or within the facility. This month they choose […]

Papillion, NE: Papillion Days Parade

This past weekend was quite busy for Papillion. Besides the crazy Nebraska weather that came through Friday night, Papillion was celebrating its 70th anniversary. Papillion Day’s takes place every year over Father’s Day weekend. Downtown Papillion is the place to be during this event with a parade, carnival rides, and carnival games. Papillion Manor showed […]

Papillion, NE: Excellent Teams

It’s not every day that one gets to celebrate having such a successful survey. Federal surveyors were recently at Papillion Manor and after four days of audits they determined that we had ZERO nursing care tags.  Papillion Manor’s staff received fruit infuser traveler mugs as a gift of appreciation for everyone’s hard work not only […]

Papillion, NE: Nursing Home Week

In honor of National Nursing Home week, Papillion Manor was ready for this year’s theme, Spirit of America. Many hours of planning went into this fun filled week. The Life Enrichment staff started out the week with a luncheon with the Papillion Fire Department. Residents loved seeing all of the fire engines show up to […]

Papillion, NE: Papillion Manors Kindness Committee

Papillion Manors Kindness Committee is always hard at work trying to come up with new ways to help out the community through kindness. This is a resident and staff based committee put together by our Life Enrichment Team. The committee meets a few times a month to decide on a new project that they want […]

Papillion, NE: Supporting the Cause!

Trumble Park Elementary held its 2nd Annual “Fun Run” this past week. Since Trumble Park is practically Papillion Manors neighbor it would seem fitting that we supported their fundraiser. Trumble Park was raising money which went towards restocking the shelves of the school library. Now this just seems neighborly that Papillion Manor supports such a […]

Papillion, NE: Off to the Races!

What would the Kentucky Derby be without fancy hats and horse races? The Life Enrichment Team brought the Kentucky Derby to Papillion Manor last week in style! Earlier in the week, the residents had the opportunity to show their creative side by transforming their plain Jane hats with bows, ribbons, and flowers. Now with their […]

Papillion, NE: Cinco de Mayo

Here at Papillion Manor not a day goes by without some type of activity! Last Friday for Cinco de Mayo, residents and families had the opportunity to celebrate the holiday after bingo. The festivities had Cinco de Mayo themed spirits, chips and salsa, guacamole, taquitos, maracas for residents, and music. The Cinco de Mayo themed […]

Papillion, NE: Rain Rain Go Away!

Since Nebraska has had some gloomy weather Papillion Manors People Development Coordinator came up with a way to cheer everyone up! She created a sign with sticky notes that had individual inspirational quotes on it. Team members were encouraged to take one of the inspirational sticky notes and give it to a team member of […]

Papillion, NE: Renovation Complete!

Papillion Manor is very proud to present our new and improved dining room as well as our life enrichment area. Adding new carpet, fresh paint, new décor, prep areas in both dining rooms, and a whole new redesigned space for our life enrichment activities. Residents enjoy the new life enrichment room each and every day. […]

Papillion, NE: Fish Fry

Papillion Manor held its annual Fish Fry this month. Approximately 250-300 people were served at this event. Residents, families, and team members enjoyed a wide variety of menu options that our own chef prepared. This was a great opportunity for everyone to get to know each other and have their families join them. We received […]

Celebrating How Our Heroes Touch the Lives of Others

Vetter Health Services has been delivering quality care to seniors for over 40 years. We pride ourselves on providing quality living options and care to seniors throughout all of our 30 locations. We celebrate the heroes that work for us and dedicate their lives in caring for others. Charles Devlin said it best in the following quote, “Every day […]

Papillion, NE: Meet the Author! A Unique Opportunity for Papillion Manor Book Club

Every Monday afternoon Papillion Manor’s book club meets to enjoy the latest installment of our monthly read. We recently had a very unique opportunity involving the book we began in October. The Ghost Juggler is about a teenage boy who moves into a house that turns out to be “haunted” by friendly ghosts who want […]

Papillion, NE: Start Your Day a Papillion Manor Way!

We are always searching for fun ways to give back to our community and strengthen relationships with local businesses. On November 11th we held our second annual “Start Your Day a Papillion Manor Way” drive-thru coffee and cinnamon roll event. We partnered with the Beansmith, a local coffee roaster who is passionate about serving the […]

Papillion, NE: Serving Others and Shopping! Is There Anything Better?

If one thing is certain the start of November brings upon the busiest time of year for many. This remains true for Papillion Manor’s PEP Club. This month PEP Club is initiating a warm clothing and non-perishable food drive to support The Open Door Mission this winter season. The drive will continue through November 18th. […]

Papillion, NE: A “Souper” Evening with Family and Friends

On Thursday, October 20th residents and their families shared an evening together for our Annual Soup Supper. The event began at 4:30 pm and shortly after Papillion Manor was buzzing with great conversations and laughter. Employees served guests’ restaurant- style ensuring a world-class experience for all. Residents made paper pumpkins for center pieces and team […]

Papillion, NE: You Are Turtle-y Awesome

School is back in session and that means our residents are making some new friends. Papillion Manor is once again partnering with Primrose School and their Adopt-a-Grandparent program. This program seeks to develop relationships between Pre-K and Kindergarten students and our residents. The children have the opportunity to learn from an older generation and our […]

Papillion, NE: Cook or Just Come to Eat!

Football season started and the weather became cooler. We could not think of a better time than September to host a chili cook-off. Papillion Manor team members were invited to make their favorite chili for residents and employees to sample and judge. Three contestants accepted the challenge and put their cooking skills to work. Each […]

Papillion, NE: A Wicket Fun Day!

Papillion Manor’s People Energizing People (PEP) Club coordinated their First Annual Croquet Tournament that took place Saturday, August 13th. It was an event for the entire community with employees, residents, their families, and many organizations in the area showing their support. A portion of the proceeds went towards The Vetter Foundation. Croquet can be played […]

Papillion, NE: Kindness Committee Goes Back to School (Shopping)!

The Residents at Papillion Manor have recently formed a new group called the Kindness Committee. The committee is completely resident driven and it is their chance to give back. As their first project, members wanted to do their part to make sure all students have an excellent start to the new school year. After careful […]

Papillion, NE: Pie Rush Wednesday!

Who doesn’t love pie? More importantly, who doesn’t love free pie? Papillion Manor Residents certainly do. This past week our Residents and staff took a trip to our nearby Village Inn to enjoy coffee, conversation, and free pie. A few of us had a hard time choosing between all of the delicious options. Everybody had […]

Papillion, NE: Residents and Team Members Participate in Patriotic Parade

Each year The Papillion Community Foundation coordinates Papillion Days; a local celebration including a carnival, parade, live music, and much more! Over the last several years Papillion Manor employees and residents have had the opportunity to participate in the Papillion Days Parade. This year’s theme was “Patriotic Papillion” so we all dressed in our best […]

Papillion, NE: All is Fair in Games and Fun!

Papillion Manor residents, employees, and their families all took part in celebrating National Nursing Home Week. The theme “It’s a Small World with a Big Heart” was adapted in many creative ways to transform Papillion Manor into a World’s Fair where “It’s a Small World” first made its debut in 1964. Residents and staff enjoyed […]

Papillion, NE: Papillion Manor Resident Receives The Nebraska Nursing Facility Association Resident of the Year Award

On April 27, Robert “Bob” Gruidel, a resident at Papillion Manor, received the 2016 Nebraska Nursing Facility Association Resident of the Year Award from the Nebraska Nursing Facility Association (NNFA). The award was presented at the association’s Spring Convention in Kearney, Neb. in recognition of Bob’s outstanding contributions to the well-being of his fellow residents. […]

Papillion, NE: Lights, Camera, Action!

Papillion Manor residents and their families, along with employees and their families recently enjoyed an evening extravagant enough for the stars! On March 18th we held our Annual Fish Fry and this year’s theme was “A Night at the Cinema.” Guests entered the facility and were thrilled to see a red carpet leading into the […]

Papillion, NE: So Much “Egg-citement”!

Easter festivities made March an exciting month at Papillion Manor. During the month we hosted our Annual Fish Fry and watched employees participate in “Egg Roulette”, but we just weren’t ready to let the fun come to an end. On Good Friday residents and team members paired up for an Easter Egg Hunt put on […]

Papillion, NE: An “Egg-tremly” Fun Time!

On March 23rd five Papillion Manor employees entered into the challenge of “Egg Roulette.” Each day during the week leading up to the event employees voted which co-workers they would like to see have eggs smashed against their head the most. The catch is that although most eggs were hardboiled, there were several that were […]

Papillion, NE: Celebrating our Certified Nurses

March 19th was Certified Nurses Day so we wanted to show our appreciation to Maureen Blaylock and Valerie Hemphill, two very special nurses here at Papillion Manor. They have both completed their geriatric nurse training and passed the national Gerontological Certification exam. This training expands the knowledge, skills, and competencies of a Registered Nurse in […]

Papillion, NE: We Wish You a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

During the month of December our residents and employees enjoyed countless hours of holiday fun! Christmas games and celebrations started as soon as Thanksgiving dinner was finished and continued through the New Year. At the beginning of December Papillion Manor team members were separated into 4 sub-teams for a tree decorating contest. Each team was […]

Papillion, NE: Food & Clothing Drive

In the spirit of giving this year our PEP Club coordinated a non-perishable food item and warm clothing drive to benefit the Tri-City Food Pantry and Heartland Family Services. To make the campaign more exciting we set a goal of gathering 1,200 items and divided into four teams, making it a contest to see which […]

Papillion, NE: Papillion Manor Recognized for Dedication to Quality Improvement

In 2015 Papillion Manor was awarded the American Health Care Association (AHCA) Bronze– Commitment to Quality Award for their pledge to quality improvement. On December 17th, 2015 Vetter Health Services founder and CEO Jack Vetter presented the award to Sara Bunting and the Papillion Manor team at their employee Christmas party. Accepting this accolade as […]

Papillion, NE: There She Is-Miss Nebraska!

Our residents received a very special visit from Alyssa Howell, Miss Nebraska 2015. Alyssa shared her experiences as she prepared for the Miss Nebraska competition and went on to compete in the Miss America pageant where she made it to the Top 12. She said her favorite part about being Miss Nebraska is traveling all […]

Papillion, NE: Jennifer Janovich is Awarded Volunteer of the Year

On November 13, 2015, Jennifer Janovich (Marketing Coordinator at Papillion Manor) was awarded the Volunteer of the Year Award at the Tobacco Free Sarpy Recognition Luncheon. Tobacco Free Sarpy (TFS) is a coalition of health-related organizations, educational groups, community groups, and individuals. Created in 2001, TFS was formed to strengthen tobacco control efforts in the […]

Papillion, NE: Halloween is a Real Treat

Our residents and employees really know how to throw a Halloween bash! Festivities began Wednesday when students from St. Columbkille visited to Trick-or-Treat at our facility. Nerds, athletes, minions, and witches paraded down the halls to collect candy. Our residents were thrilled to see all the cute and clever costumes. For Friday teams of employees […]

Papillion, NE: Great Conversations Across Generations!

On Monday, September 14th our residents were visited by junior high students from the Papillion-La Vista School District. The students are part of the High Ability Learners (HAL) program and meet several times a year to participate in a number of activities outside of the general junior high curriculum. The HAL students came prepared with […]

Papillion, NE: Having a Blast in the Past!

As Vetter Health Services year-long 40th anniversary party continues Papillion Manor residents and employees proceed to celebrate through the decades. On August 19th we journeyed to a time filled with boy bands, grunge clothes, Bagel Bites, and Sonic the Hedgehog. We found ourselves living in the 90’s again and it was fun! Girls were dressed […]

Papillion, NE: Residents, Families, and Employees Celebrate America!

Residents at Papillion Manor enjoyed time outside with family and friends during our annual 4th of July party. The day was filled with games, food, and even pony rides for the kids. As the event kicked-off at 2pm entertainer John Ward played country tunes to get the party started. The crowd gathered outside beneath shaded […]