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Springfield, MO: Bringing the Opera to Us

Life right now is out of the norm for most of us, and especially for the residents that we take care of. People in the community are reaching out and helping to make a difference in these trying times. Jeff Houghton, host of the mystery hour, brought world renowned opera singer Micheal Spyres to sing […]

Coronavirus / COVID-19 Prevention in VSL Buildings

We are all are concerned about the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and how it may impact residents and team members at Vetter Senior Living facilities. Ensuring residents are cared for in a safe and healthy environment is our first priority. As the Coronavirus continues to spread in the United States, we have received new rules […]

Springfield, MO: The Donut Challenge

So…..how many donuts did you eat on National Donut Day? Do you always buy donuts at the same place? Are you bored with the same old donut? All of these questions were answered at the Girlfriend’s Gathering Event at Creekside! The Ladies’ Group celebrated the National Day of Donuts by participating in a taste- test […]

Springfield, MO: Crafts are a Hoot!

Owls are awfully intriguing creatures. They can’t move their eyeballs, so they are able to turn their heads all the way around to see things. Owls are considered “wise” and majestic. On top of all this, they’re adorable and fun to craft! We had fun picking out the colors and patterns we wanted to use […]

Springfield, MO: The Manor Wedding Expo

In celebration of the love month, we thought it would be a fun idea to have a nice wedding display in our chapel. We encouraged residents and team members to set up their wedding memorabilia for others to see. We had a few wedding dresses, albums, videos, and lots of reminiscing down lover’s lane. We […]

Springfield, MO: Father-Son Chili Lunch

A couple of days ago we warmed up the mothers and daughters with a tea party, so we had to follow that up with a special chili lunch for the fathers and sons! What better way to spend a chilly day than in our cozy new Life Enrichment room with a nice big pot of […]

Springfield, MO: Mother-Daughter Tea Party

The cold weather has everyone bundled up and hibernating, so we decided to have a fancy hot tea party, and invite daughters to come spend some time with their mothers. The turn out was much larger than we anticipated, thankfully we were able to scrounge up enough cups for everyone! We filled our entire main […]

Springfield, MO: Thanksgiving Meal and Family Photos

Each year for Thanksgiving, the Life Enrichment team helps residents get gussied up so that they can look and feel good during their holiday meal with their loved ones. We spend the morning getting ready, and then during the meal a Life Enrichment assistant goes around the home snapping candid photos of families enjoying their […]

Springfield, MO: The Giving Tree

The team member Christmas committee at the Manor came up with a new idea to try this year for our employee Christmas celebrations. This is called “The Giving Tree.” The way this works: Individuals with needs or who are struggling to make ends meet this time of year are able to give a list of […]

Springfield, MO: 2017 Golden Age Games

Each year The Manor participates in the Missouri Health Care Associations Golden Age Games. This event is our states version of Senior Olympics. For The Manors theme this year we wanted to display our patriotism as well as our “all loving” peacefulness. Our team was full of stars, we placed in 3 events and one […]

Springfield, MO: Alpha Tots Visit the Manor

We were given the opportunity to have a handful of small children come visit The Manor from a local daycare, Alpha Tots. Our Life Enrichment Assistant JaRon invited them, as this is the center her son attends. We had half of the group visit Memory Support Household and paint with the residents. The other half […]

Springfield, MO: Miniature Pony Visits the Manor

Meet our miniature pony friend, Highway! He is about 13 years old, and he sure loves treats! The residents were anxious to pet him. He was very gentle, and he seemed to enjoy the attention he was receiving. Not only were residents gathered outside to see him, but family members and staff as well were […]

Springfield, MO: Birthday Cake Baking

At the Manor, we have a birthday party every month to celebrate resident birthdays. Typically, we buy large sheet cakes from the grocery store. This month we decided to shake things up a bit, and bake our own cakes! We had a small group of ladies get together in the morning, and boy did we […]

Springfield, MO: Dickerson Park Zoo

Each year at the beginning of fall, we visit the local zoo. Our zoo is small, but it is mighty. There are many educational opportunities, as well as several species of animals to ooh and ah over. The group favorites seem to always be the giraffes, and of course the goats in the petting area. […]

Springfield, MO: Reminiscing with Magazine Collages

One of the best things about arts and crafts is that there is something for everyone, all ages, and all skill levels. A few ladies here at The Manor joined together to create some collages by re-purposing some of our old magazines. They spent time flipping through pages, finding things that reminded them of their […]

Springfield, MO: Restorative Exercise using the IN2L

Our restorative team members Tammy and Pamela lead an exercise group three days a week. They use our IN2L system to get the residents moving using available programs such as Tai-Chi, Conductorcise, and Sit and Be Fit. The programs are very useful for the restorative program, as it utilizes different varieties of exercises, and they […]

Springfield, MO: Creative Arts Therapy using the IN2L system

On a beautiful morning last week, our Memory Support Household had the privilege of engaging in creative arts using our It’s Never Too Late mobile technology program. We started with a short sing-a-long, added in some physical movement, and then encouraged the residents to try creating some of their own sounds using the drum and […]

Springfield, MO: August Birthday Bash!

Here at The Manor, we celebrate our birthdays BIG. At the end of each month, we throw a party and recognize each person who had a birthday! Of all our many various life enrichment opportunities, this event seems to draw the biggest crowd. We hire a singer, the well known and loved David Curtman. (Often […]

Springfield, MO: End of Summer Fishing Trip

Another summer has come to a close! We took a short drive out west of Springfield into a little town called Bois D’Arc. The Missouri Conservation Department has a stocked fishing pond there for group use. Fortunately, they also provide our residents with the fishing poles and tackle. The weather was just right for us, […]

Springfield, MO: Summer Flower Arranging

This morning a small group of ladies got together to help make beautiful flower arrangements. It seems to be a well enjoyed activity here at the Manor. Flowers are so colorful, unique, and allow residents to express themselves creatively. It also gives them an opportunity to reminisce and chat with each other. At the end […]

Springfield, MO: Cooking Club

In the hot month of August, Cathy decided we should make cool finger foods for our cooking club, rather than heating up the oven and cooking anything hot. Smart woman! The residents made their own personal fruit pizzas, and a personal sized 7 layer dip. The fruit pizza had tortilla for the base, cream cheese […]

Springfield, MO: Bright, Beautiful Summer Courtyard

The Manor is fortunate to have a master gardener on our Life Enrichment Team! Cathy and our residents have truly enhanced the color of our courtyard and other outdoor sitting areas. The residents and visitors frequently comment on how pretty the plants are on our grounds. We also have ducks and turtles who surely enjoy […]

Springfield, MO: Wine & Cheese Social

Robert Alder is a performer that comes to the Manor twice a month. He is loved by many of our residents for his talent and friendliness. This occasion was our Wine & Cheese Social in Memory Support. Robert is always sure to play music that our residents will connect with emotionally. One of the things […]

Springfield, MO: GIANT 12FT Ice Cream Social

Life Enrichment hosted our annual GIANT 12FT Ice Cream Social this afternoon. We had 27 residents in attendance, and around 8 family members joined their loved ones. We used 2 and a half gallons of ice cream, whipped topping, chocolate and strawberry syrup, sprinkles, marshmallows, nuts, and cherries. On a hot summer day it is […]

Springfield, MO: Glamour Shots!

Our Life Enrichment Assistant JaRon Proctor put her make up and photography skills to the test this week. She gave make overs to the residents in our memory support household, and then to add to the fun she took glamour shots of them! The ladies sure do enjoy getting dolled up, and then seeing the […]

Springfield, MO: Swimming on a Hot Summer Day

For the first time in at least 8 years that we know of, The Manor Life Enrichment Team took residents for an outing to a public pool! It was a wonderful experience, the pool had a seat that allowed disabled residents to be lowered down into the water with ease. We had plenty of staff […]

Springfield, MO: Independence Day Celebration

Happy Birthday America! The Manor held an Independence Day celebration in the main dining room for our residents. We had red white and blue decorations, sweet treats, and a lovely patriotic themed musical performance from our guests The Charming Echoes. They are a mother-son duo who always have a holiday themed show available for us. […]

Springfield, MO: Annual Outdoor Family BBQ

Each year The Manor hosts a Carnival themed BBQ outside, with an open invitation to the resident and staff’s families to come together and enjoy a nice meal and some outdoor games. This year was the biggest turn out we have ever had. We were blessed to have enough food for everyone! For the children […]

Springfield, MO: Manor Beauty Pageant

This year’s Manor beauty pageant was over the top. Our Life Enrichment team spent months ironing out the details of this special day! The ladies experience started with a photo shoot a few weeks before the pageant. This gave us what we needed to make a very special PowerPoint with the photos and quotes from […]

Springfield, MO: Glamour Shots

The Manor is full of beautiful souls! We wanted to give our residents an opportunity to shine. Many of them spent their days working hard and caring for their families. Our Glamour shot activity is a chance for them to get gussied up and let their inner beauty shine through in photos. And boy did […]

Celebrating How Our Heroes Touch the Lives of Others

Vetter Health Services has been delivering quality care to seniors for over 40 years. We pride ourselves on providing quality living options and care to seniors throughout all of our 30 locations. We celebrate the heroes that work for us and dedicate their lives in caring for others. Charles Devlin said it best in the following quote, “Every day […]

Springfield, MO: Valentines Day Lunch

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love. There is nothing like having a date with your sweet heart! The Life Enrichment Team had this event planned to a T! We started by sending an invitation to all of the spouses that live outside the home. We had 15 couples who attended our Valentines date. […]

Springfield, MO: Casino Night at The Manor

The Manor held it’s annual casino night last week. B Entertainment brought in a blackjack table and two slot machines, along with two gentlemen who ran them and helped the residents play. We had a game of BINGO going on also. Our entertainment was Barry Stacy, and incredibly talented piano player that our residents love […]

Springfield, MO: Santa, Mrs. Claus, and an Elf visit The Manor

It’s that time of year. Santa is making his list, and checking it twice. He stopped by the Manor to find out just what the residents would like to find under the tree on Christmas, and to remind them to be extra good so that they get a present. Mrs. Claus and an Elf came […]

Springfield, MO: Baking for a Cause

Each year the Manor residents like to participate in a service project of some kind that will help raise funds for local charities that assist the needy during the holiday season. This year we decided to have a bake sale, and the proceeds will go to Harmony House, which is a local domestic violence shelter. […]

Springfield, MO: Manor Family Thanksgiving Meal

Each year we host a traditional Thanksgiving turkey meal for our residents and we invite their loved ones to join them here in our home. We always have a lovely turn out, and it is nice to see the love our residents have for their families. They love to introduce their children and show off […]

Springfield, MO: Veteran’s Day Celebration

The Manor is blessed to have 15 United States Military veterans. We were able to gather several residents and team members into our dining room to sing the national anthem, say the pledge of allegiance, sing patriotic songs, and to honor each of our vets with a gift and a roll call. There were so […]

Springfield, MO: Golden Age Games

Every year The Manor participates in the Missouri Health Care Association’s event, The Golden Age Games. We pick a theme for our team, and we dress up and decorate our area based on our theme. This year we chose “The Manor Heroes,” and everyone dressed up as a super hero. This year we had several […]

Springfield, MO: Little Friends Visit

Little giggles filled the halls. Residents perked up and looked around to see what the excitement was all about. A wonderful local volunteer brought in her sweet little ones to pass out stickers to the residents, and it went over very well. These little visitors truly bring joy to our residents! They were able to […]

Springfield, MO: Fishing Trip

What a day for fishing! It was a bright, warm, sunny day. Our group was ready to cast their lines into the water. It didn’t take all of five minutes before one of the residents caught the first fish of the day, it didn’t stop there! Almost every person in the group caught a fish. […]

Springfield, MO: Annual Dog Show

We held our 3rd Annual Dog Show in the month of August. We had a great turn out this year! The residents had a tough decision deciding on a winner. All the dogs were bright with tails wagging. There was a dog in a tuxedo, lion costume, and even a cowboy suit. In the end […]

Springfield, MO: Accidental Twinning

These two ladies happened to be in the same place at the same time… dressed exactly a like! When a few staff members noticed them sitting side by side, we all got a great giggle out of the fact that they were twinning. They proceeded to laugh with us, and they held hands and sang […]

Springfield, MO: Beauty Pageant

Each year we look forward to the elegant and excitement that comes with our beauty pageant. Our Life Enrichment Team invites ladies to participate, collects life stories to share, and helps them gussy up and boost their confidence. This year we were graced with a lovely MC, our music therapist Monica Horton. She is a […]

Springfield, MO: Springfield Cardinals Baseball Game

We are very lucky to have the St. Louis Cardinal’s Minor League team in Springfield. Many of the residents at the Manor grew up rooting for the Cardinals. Baseball is a great past time in the United States and we had a lot of interest in attending a game this season. The day was very […]

Springfield, MO: Cinco De Mayo

Cinco De Mayo is ALWAYS a big hit here at the Manor. We never fail to throw a great fiesta, serve margaritas, and even play some silly sombrero games. This year we got fake mustaches and played hot sombrero, which is the equivalent of the hot potato game except you play by taking a sombrero […]

Springfield, MO: More from National Nursing Home Week!

The first day of the week we celebrated peace and love. Everyone found their best 70s attire, and we spent the day making tye dye shirts and dancing to disco. One of our residents was sorely disappointed that we would ruin “perfectly good t shirts” with our colorful dye! Our beloved Manor pet Beau even […]

Springfield, MO: National Nursing Home Week Celebration

The Manor at Elfindale partied hard last week in celebration of National Nursing Home Week. We had a different theme each day, with each one representing an area of life that requires having a big heart. We recycled one day, we had endangered animals from the zoo visit the next, and then we celebrated nursing […]

Springfield, MO: Using IN2L in Therapy

The therapy department here at The Manor at Elfindale in Springfield, MO has incorporated use of the IN2L into daily therapy sessions for Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy. The use of the IN2L adds an element of fun and variety to the therapy treatment sessions. Our residents in therapy have come to love […]

Springfield, MO: Fuji Japanese Grill

This afternoon we made a trip over to the fabulous Fuji, a Japanese steak house and grill. It is a wonderful experience to watch the chef prepare the meal right before our eyes. They start out with a nice flame, then they show off with tricks such as the “egg slide,” the “volcano,” and the […]

Springfield, MO: 200,000 Hours Injury Free- Administrator Matt Gould Shaves His Mustache!

We never thought we’d see the day. Our beloved administrator, Matthew Gould, has shaved his mustache. Last year, the team came up with the idea that if we achieved a big milestone in our mission to work injury free, he would have to shave. (He has had this mustache for like 100 years or something.) […]