Coronavirus / COVID-19 Prevention in VSL Buildings

We are all are concerned about the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and how it may impact residents and team members at Vetter Senior Living facilities. Ensuring residents are cared for in a safe and healthy environment is our first priority. As the Coronavirus continues to spread in the United States, we have received new rules […]

Hooper, NE: Spotlight on Hooper Care Center for Quality Healthcare

The American Health Care Association came to the Hooper Care Center from Washington D.C. to to produce a video to highlight the team’s commitment to Quality Hooper Care Center is being recognized as part of the 2020 Quality Improvement Recognition program. Out of the state of Nebraska, Hooper Care Center was rated number 1 for […]

Hooper, NE: Teamwork at It’s Finest

After our 9:00 stand-up on 1/14/2020, the team was challenged to a leadership exercise. Our leadership team was given a blanket to stand on, they then needed to work together to flip the blanket. The goal was to end up standing on the other side of the blanket without any team member getting off the […]

Hooper, NE: Angels Among Us

All our residents would like to thank “One Staff,” staffing company, for all the personalized gifts for Christmas they brought to our facility. We are so grateful for the kindness and generosity that this company has shown to our facility. They spent the afternoon handing out presents, eating cookies and sharing their Christmas memories. For […]

Hooper, NE: Preparation for the Holidays

Students from Logan View High School spent an evening with our residents and decorate our Christmas trees, putting up the garland, painting our dining room windows and visiting with the residents. Our residents enjoyed giving some of the student’s advice about the placement of ornaments and the great jobs they were doing on the windows. […]

Hooper, NE: Christmas Angels Among Us

On December 9, the Fremont Area Association of Retired School Personal (FAARSP) brought Christmas gifts for our Veterans. All our Veterans were so thankful for all the gifts that these ladies bought to them and taking time out of this busy season to recognize them and listen to all their stories. They truly made our […]

Hooper, NE: Husker Dreams…

Thanks to Tammy Kreikemeier our Life Enrichment Coordinator for getting dreams to come true for two of our Residents, through Dream Weaver an organization that helps elders accomplish a dream they still have. Two of our Residents, Stanley and Ethel wanted to attend a Nebraska Volleyball game. All though tickets for Husker volleyball games are […]

Hooper, NE: One Last Trip Before the COLD

Hooper Care Center was able to enjoy one last great day on October 9, before the cold set in. Residents and staff made a trip to the Lincoln zoo. The day was beautiful, the picnic lunch was good and the animals were entertaining. I think the most fun was feeding the goats and the giraffes. […]

Hooper, NE: Family Time at the Pumpkin Patch

Hooper Care Center built on our Family Serving Family by sponsoring a staff and family day at the Harvest Moon Pumpkin Patch. The day turned out to be beautiful and the family time for staff was well deserved and appreciated. Staff were given 4 tickets to the pumpkin patch, the facility also supplied hot dogs, […]

Hooper, NE: Honoring a Husker

Hooper Care Center resident Robert Peterson, was part of the Nebraska Cornhusker Football team in the mid 60’s. Life Enrichment Coordinator Tammy Kreikemeier along with the help of David Clark from GPMA set up a special tour of the current Nebraska Football team areas for Bob and his family. Kenny Wilhite part of the football […]

Hooper, NE: Farm Friends Come to Visit

Hooper Care Center had some cute visitors. Residents and staff were treated to a visit from “Bravo” a baby llama, “Reed” a baby zebu calf, “Cable” a baby goat, “Baggs” a ewe and a puppy named “Henry”. Gathering on the patio residents were able to feed and cuddle the fur babies. Baggs also went room […]

Hooper, NE: A Great Day with Family

September 8 was the day for the Hooper Care Center’s annual resident and family picnic. The day stayed overcast but turned out to be a very nice day to be outside. Residents and family enjoyed the tasty food prepared by the dietary department as well as snow cones, cotton candy and funnel cakes. We also […]

Hooper, NE: County Fair

The end of July and the first part of August brings in County Fair Time. Once again the residents of Hooper Care Center enjoyed making crafts, jelly, quilts and art projects to enter in the fair. The entries are topped off with a trip to the fair to see how they came out. Of course […]

Hooper, NE: 2 Years Injury Free

Hooper Care Center made it 2 years injury free on July 18th 2019. HCC staff enjoyed a great meal prepared by VHS support staff on August 6, 2019. Around 38 staff were able to attend the celebration and enjoy visiting with home office staff. HCC has the best team around and it is always a […]

Hooper, NE: Happy Retirement Arnita

Hooper Care Center celebrated 27 years of service and retirement with team member Arnita Wolf on 8-13-2019. Arnita join the HCC family in the Life Enrichment department in May of 1992. Arnita also was a hair dresser for our resident prior to and during her time in the Life Enrichment department. Arnita enjoyed spending 1:1 […]

Hooper, NE: “Teaming Up” with the Football Team

Keeping with the new tradition the Logan View Football Team came to Hooper Care Center to “team up” with our residents. The event started with lunch and conversation, then progressed into the competition stage. Games of Corn Hole, Ring Toss, Skee Ball and Connect Four were tried by everyone. Cheering and laughter was heard all […]

Hooper, NE: It’s Hard to Say Goodbye

Hooper Care Center has celebrated the careers of two very special people. Linda Parker and Sandy Odle have both retired. Linda Parker was with Hooper Care Center for 8 years in Social Service. Sandy Odle was with Hooper Care Center for 35 years as a CNA/Restorative Aide. These special ladies will be missed, more than […]

Hooper, NE: What Do You Do In Nebraska When The Weather Is Nice? Go Fishing

With the help of the organization Live Well Go Fish, Hooper Care Center was able to get six residents out on the water. On June 10 six residents and four staff went to Lake Wanahoo for a BBQ and some fishing. The weather was perfect and the fish were biting. Pat was able to catch […]

Hooper, NE: Celebrating Staff and Christmas

Hooper Care Center comes to life with fun and laughter during the Christmas season. Having fun at work is the norm for us but during Christmas it just gets better. We celebrated staff with a pot luck meal and an ugly Christmas sweater day on Dec. 18. We capped the day off with a gift […]

Hooper, NE: Creating Gingerbread

Hooper Care Center Residents and the Logan View Honor Society put their creative skills together to see who could build the best Gingerbread House. Hooper Care Center and Logan View School students have been building the relationships of the young and old. Students came to help decorate for Christmas and decided it would be fun […]

Hooper, NE: Family & Christmas Make For A Full House

Hooper Care Center hosted their annual Resident/Family Christmas Open House on December 9. Residents, family and friends filled the house from the dining room, therapy room, chapel and spilling into the halls. It’s a blessing to be able to provide this time for residents to enjoy the Holiday Season with their family and friends. Musical […]

Hooper, NE: October Fun

As always October is a month of fun and surprises at Hooper Care Center. The ladies enjoyed being able to fashion designers with pumpkins. It always good to try something new and there were no pumpkin guts this way. Halloween day is always fun, the residents love to get involved with the staff and little […]

Hooper, NE: Up Up and Away

The Dreamweaver Foundation once again came through providing the ability for our resident Mary Ann to fly among the clouds. Mary Ann has always wanted to take a ride in a hot air balloon. With the help of Life Enrichment coordinator Tammy and the Dreamweaver Foundation, Mary Ann was able to fly with the birds. […]

Hooper, NE: Celebrating Success

Hooper Care Center residents, staff, family members and home office staff came together October 18 to celebrate Hooper Care Center’s success this past year. Our staff were honored with the award from my Inner View’s staff satisfaction award. It is such an honor to be part of a team who know what providing care to […]

Hooper, NE: Husker Dreams

Thanks to Tammy Kreikemeier our Life Enrichment Coordinator for getting dreams to come true for two of our Residents through Dream Weaver an organization that helps elders accomplish a dream they still have. Two of our Residents, Della and Cindy each wanted to attend a home Nebraska Football game. Della wanted to go before she […]

Hooper, NE: September Perfection

September 9th proved to be a day of Perfection. Hooper Care Center held their annual Resident and Family Picnic. This year we decided to plan for the picnic to be outdoors as we had the North Bend area Community Band coming to play for us, and having a 25 – 30 member band inside would […]

Hooper, NE: Celebrating 1 Year Injury Free

July 18, 2018 marked the achievement of 1 Year Injury Free for the staff of Hooper Care Center. Thanks to the VSL team for coming on July 31 to help us celebrate. It is always a great time when we get together with Home Office. 44 Hooper Team Members (out of 56 total staff including […]

Hooper, NE: Fair Time

Hooper Care Center once again participated in the Dodge County Fair. Hooper Care Center decorated a booth this year to show off the 1st place blue ribbon winnings. Residents worked throughout the year making jellies, quilts, potholders, dresses made from pillow cases, shorts made from T-shirts, wreaths and paintings. Residents went to check out their […]

Hooper, NE: Gone Fishing

With the help of Live Well Go Fish, Hooper Care Center was able to take residents fishing on Lake Wanahoo. Live Well Go Fish is an organization of volunteers that serves the elderly as well as Hospice patients in getting them out on the water and the chance to fish. Staff and Residents started the […]

Hooper, NE: Retirement After 37 Years and 4 Months

Janice Watts MA, CNA retired from Hooper Care Center June 15, 2018 after 37 years and 4 months. Janice is an exceptional employee and will be greatly missed. Residents and staff hosted a retirement party for Janice to honor the dedication, compassion and commitment Janice had for our Mission, Vision and Values. We were always […]

Hooper, NE: Nursing Home Week Day 3

The annual Hooper Care Center Free Hot Dogs on Main street was once again a huge success. For the first time in MANY years we enjoyed perfect weather! The community expects to see the advertisement go up the first part of May for this event. This year also coincided with the last day of school, […]

Hooper, NE: Nursing Home Week 2

The theme for Nursing Home Week Day 2 was “Life Stories”. Residents and staff filled out a Life Story questioner about themselves. Information from the questioner was read to the residents and staff and they were tested to see if they could tell who the person was. The afternoon was topped off by a visit […]

Hooper, NE: Hooper’s Mother’s Day Tea

Hooper Care Center held their Mother’s Day Tea on May 12 at 2pm. We were able to host around 70 family members and join them in Celebrating their mothers. The boys for some of our moms were able to come due to the weather having kept them from the field. We enjoyed a musical presentation […]

Hooper, NE: Nursing Home Week Day 1 Take 2

Nursing Home Week at Hooper Care Center always brings in fun, laughter and staff participation. Day one’s theme is Hat Day. Staff and residents enjoyed showing off their different hats ( even those who did not want too right Butch?) Hat day and our Grand-friend Olympics tied together well as each third grader decorated a […]

Hooper, NE: Nursing Home Week Day 1

Day one of Nursing Home week at Hooper Care Center started out with our Grand-friend Olympics. This year is a bit special as we have not seen our Grand-friends since December. The flu season kept the kids from visiting in Jan, Feb and March. April kept them at school for the testing. The third grade […]

Hooper, NE: St. Patrick’s Celebration

Our St. Patrick’s celebration started off early in the morning with a staff breakfast at 6:00a.m. & 9:30a.m. with scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits and gravy. In the afternoon our staff participated in bingo with our residents and shared a delightful social hour with some Irish foods. The dietary staff made a reuben dip, and […]

Hooper, NE: Elvis Presley was IN THE HOUSE!!

Elvis Presley brought the house down on February 20th! Joseph Hall, Elvis Impersonator, was a top contestant on America’s Got Talent in 2008 and has since performed thousands of shows over the last 12 years to entertain Elvis fans all over the world including our residents, staff and community guests. He curled his lip and […]

Hooper, NE: What Do You Do on a Dreary Winter Day? Make Snowmen!

With the weather being a bit on the dreary side, and the Olympics coming to a close, Life Enrichment has been coming up with some wild things for the residents to do. Today the goal was to make snowmen. The residents split into three groups, with the help of Shannon, Katie and Diane the contest […]

Hooper, NE: Celebrating the Hooper Way

Hooper Care Center received it’s annual visit from our local Cupid. Mr. James Dam delivers a Valentine balloon to every resident every year. Mr. Dam and his wife also host a church service every Sunday morning here at HCC. The residents love getting their balloon and some will let you know if they think they […]

Hooper, NE: Hooper Goes to Hawaii

Hooper Care Center staff were treated to a staff party Hawaiian style. The All Team Holiday celebration was held January 18. As Diane did not get to go on her Hawaiian vacation, we decided to bring Hawaii to Hooper. Being a part of the Vetter family was truly felt as the team from Brookestone Meadows […]

Hooper, NE: Special Visitor

Resident Kenny Kinlund of the Hooper Care Center had a special visitor on January 4, 2018. Dr. Tom Osborne from the University of Nebraska came to visit with the Number 1 Husker Fan in this area. The wish was granted from Kindred Hospice to meet Dr. Tom. Dr. Matt Beacom, Medical Director for Kindred made […]

Hooper, NE: Community and Christmas

Hooper Care Center join with our Community to kick off the Christmas season. We started Dec. 4 with our Ladies decorating cookies for the FCCLA students from Logan View who came to paint windows in the dining room and sing Karaoke on the IN2L with our Residents. The windows are decked out with candy canes, […]

Hooper, NE: Your Never to Old for Santa

Hooper Care Center held their Christmas open house for Residents and families on December 10. The weather was beautiful bringing lots of families out to celebrate. Its not every December 10, that is warm enough for families to stand outside to visit. Residents enjoyed background piano music, entertainment by the Hooper Care Center not so […]

Hooper, NE: Giving Thanks..

It is that time of the year when we should look back on the year and reflect upon all the blessing that we acquired though-out the year. On Nov.14, the staff and residents enjoyed an afternoon of socializing, snacks and filling our thankful tree leaves with all the things that they our thankful for this […]

Hooper, NE: Honoring Our Veterans

Hooper Care Center held an afternoon luncheon on November 10, 2017 to honor our Veterans. Each Veteran was presented a Freedom Quilt and told memories of their time in the service. We would like to thank Ann Sprick for making the quilts for us. Ann also helps us out by being the hairdresser for our […]

Hooper, NE: Spooktacular

So was it Halloween or Christmas?? Hooper Care Center held it’s first Trunk and Treat on Tuesday the 31 and set up in the SNOW. The weather may have been a bit on the chilly side but it didn’t seem to stop the little ghost, goblin, dinosaurs and princess from coming out to see our […]

Hooper, NE: The Table is Set for Spooky Fun

You are never too young for Halloween. Hooper Care Center always has fun and Halloween is no different. Residents enjoy seeing how the staff can transform themselves for the day. Costumes of farmers, little girls, zoo keeper, chef (someone actually thought Don was replaced), Egyptian Queen were seen in the halls. The highlight of the […]

Hooper, NE: Henry Doorly Zoo Road Trip

This year we ended the summer with a trip to the Henry Doorly Zoo. We had 10 residents and 10 staff members enjoying the great outdoors. After a trip through the Giraffes, elephants, tiger and monkey exhibits, we sat down for sack lunch that our dietary made for us, at the aquarium. After our lunch […]

Hooper, NE: Oktoberfest

Hooper Care Center celebrated Oktoberfest with a traditional German meal on October 17th. The menu consisted of Rouladan German potato salad and sweet red cabbage with apple strudel for dessert. The residents of German decent enjoyed having a chance to compare our version of a German feast with what they were familiar with. All residents […]

Hooper, NE: Family Harvest Festival Picnic

The Sunday October 1 was our annual “Family Harvest Festival Picnic.” The day started out a bit rainy, but we kept our fingers crossed and the sky cleared around 10:30 the sun came out, and it was an absolutely beautiful day. With the help of all our departments working together, tables were set and decorated […]