Alliance, NE: Rocking the Unicorn

The Highland Park Care Center life enrichment brigade developed a unique experience when Kyren Conley, Director of the Carnegie Arts Center in Alliance, asked for some creative assistance from our artistic resident family. Kyren needed help making treasures to be used later in the month during an art show at Dobby’s Frontier Town, a local […]

Alliance, NE: Every Day Adds to Life Story

As certain holidays act to remind us about the importance of remembering life’s important events (think Christmas or Memorial Day), this year’s National Skilled Nursing Care Week theme of Celebrating Life’s Stories caused some natural reflection in to the past of our resident family. Perhaps more poignant was the challenge to look to the past […]

Alliance, NE: Highland Park Veterans Celebration

The roar of a C-130 Hercules passing over Highland Park Care Center in Alliance was the high point of Veteran’s Recognition Day and the beginning of National Skilled Nursing Care Week events at the care center. The theme for the 2018 National Skilled Nursing Care Week is “Celebrating Life’s Stories” and two team members from […]

Alliance, NE: Taking a Dream To New Heights

Being careful what you wish for was not even in her mind when Dee Dee Behm, Memory Support Household Coordinator, was visiting with a resident about the upcoming events for National Skilled Nursing Care Week. During this conversation about celebrating Life’s Stories, the 2018 theme, the resident mentioned she had always wanted to ride in […]

Alliance, NE: Promoting Relationships of Memories (P.R.O.M.)

It is always remarkable when you witness the interaction between young and old; the greater the difference in age the more remarkable it becomes. During this PROM season, Highland Park again invited our high school party goers to make a quick stop in our building on their way to the dance. This year’s attendance was […]

Alliance, NE: Colorful Eggs and Laughs Brighten Our Day

The cool morning could not keep from warming our hearts as team members (and families) were invited to bring their ambitious Easter egg hunters to Highland Park and discover the goodies left behind by the Easter bunny. The colorful eggs were a welcome sight on the winter trodden grass; the youthful giggles were also welcomed […]

Alliance, NE: Crossing the 20 Year Bridge

Finding a team member at any job for more than 20 years is a unique find. Highland Park Care Center would like to celebrate the milestone of having not one, but two. Debi Lindburg and Dee Dee Behm have each made Highland Park more than a home for over 20 years. While technically they are […]

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Alliance, NE: (Not quite) Hog Wild at Highland Park

Martina Navratilova was credited with saying, “The difference between involvement and commitment is like ham and eggs. The chicken is involved; the pig is committed.” Today, our Memory Support Household had some serious commitment as a 9-month old pig named Oreo came by for a visit. While not a fluffy kitten or playful puppy, Oreo […]

Alliance, NE: Mardi Gras Leads to Mardi Wow

The Mardi Gras celebration in our community allowed a little of New Orleans to march its way in during our Sapphire Vale parade. The party began the night before as wheelchairs were decorated in anticipation of the hoopla, then that morning out came the feathers, masks and traditional beads. While ragtime jazz was playing across […]

Alliance, NE: The Joseph and Sheryl Applegarth Band

This Sunday after church we were blessed with the musical styling’s of The Joseph and Sheryl Applegarth Band. This is a Country Gospel Band that played many songs from 70 years ago all the way up to some modern and even original pieces. This was one of the largest turn outs for Highland Park. We […]

Alliance, NE: Celebrating the True Season’s Reason

While a good part of the world is staring into computer screens and smartphones hurriedly ordering last minute gifts online, Pastor Gruber and his congregation from the Heartland Baptist Church helped our community look to the heavens and within ourselves to better appreciate what this season is truly intended to mean. As a regular presenter […]

Alliance, NE: Santa Stars in Successful Party

Santa Claus made another appearance at Highland Park bringing his personal brand of happiness magic. Santa and his helper extraordinaire (dietary team member Melissa) delivered presents and smiles allowing all of our family to enjoy the precious moments afforded this time of the year. A team effort from our community put a definite sparkle on […]

Lincoln, NE: Sumner Place Tours Memorial Stadium

This November Sumner Place residents went on their annual tour of Memorial Stadium. This year they even ran into some of the football players, including Drew Brown. The best part is always the tunnel walk, touching the horse shoe, and running out onto the field. Residents even went all the way down the field to […]

Alliance, NE: Presenting Sponsor Award Presented to Highland Park

Through the efforts of inspired team members, Highland Park Care Center was recently recognized for the contributions as Presenting Sponsor of the Alliance 2017 Walk to End Alzheimer’s. Administrator Robin Powell committed $1500 toward the event which proved to be the necessary seed to grow the contribution amount to over $17,000 so far. Highland Park […]

Alliance, NE: Appreciate Every Moment

Like many of the Vetter Senior Living communities, the party season has ignited. Recently we have all gathered around talented (and volunteer) musicians and specially-prepared meals in an effort to realize the importance of enjoying every minute we are given while taking a moment to appreciate this gift. The effort involved to pull off parties […]

Highland Park Hosts Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Seminar

Team members from the Highland Park Care Center Memory Support Team participated in an on-site Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Care Seminar. This training is the required course for those individuals seeking the path to become Certified Dementia Practitioners through the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners (NCCDP) and was developed by NCCDP. The 8 hour […]

Alliance, NE: Potash History Lives at Highland Park

Researcher Becky Herian presented the history of Antioch, NE, a sandhills boom town in the beginning of the 20th century which bloomed to a population of almost 2000 as its inhabitants pushed to deliver potash from the surrounding alkali lakes. While along highway 2 near Antioch, about 15 miles east of Alliance, there still stand […]

Alliance, NE: Sharing the Love

The Alliance area Kiddie Kampus pitter-pattered their way back in to the building and our hearts. Today’s focus was to decorate cookies with the residents of our Memory Support Household; but, as you would expect if you’ve ever spent any time around these adorable children, there was plenty of collateral loving to be shared. Sharing […]

Alliance, NE: Making The Connection

The Kiddie Kampus (an Alliance preschool) loaded up on the bus and brought their undeniable love to share with our Memory Support Household. While their school and teachers are established, each year brings a new class of pupils with fresh smiles and warm hugs. The consistent theme, however, is always the shear joy and opportunity […]

Alliance, NE: Bingo why the Long Face?

Bingo is a favorite past time in our community as I’m sure it is in yours. With the IN2L (Its Never 2 Late) bingo caller we are now more able to assist our residents and move around the room to engage with each and every participant. We were also blessed to have use of the […]

Alliance, NE: Summer Party Feud

The Highland Park Care Center Life Enrichment team added a friendly battle of wits at our recent Summer Celebration Party when they gathered the party-goers and insisted they “Play the Feud”, Family Feud that is. True to the TV game show, the players were asked to come up with what they believed could be the […]

Alliance, NE: Water as an Anti-Aging Prescription

The urge to dip a toe in the pool was too strong to resist. In Alliance, NE, our municipal pool was designed with a zero entry allowing someone in a wheel chair to easily glide in to the pool an inch at a time. When a comfort level is reached, both with water temperature and […]

Alliance, NE: Cool Fashions on a Hot Day

The over 100 degree heat couldn’t stop family and friends from showing off their cool recycled fashion garments. With a shade tent and pitchers of lemonade, everyone sweated out to 50’s era music – this would explain the one-eyed-one-horned (walking) purple people eater. Sometimes there are memories to be made simply by looking in the […]

Alliance, NE: Living In The Past

The annual celebration of National Nursing Home Week provides the perfect canvas for our community to draw a little out of the lines. One of our festive activities was to create an old west photo booth and release our inner bad hombres. What started slow turned in to a mad rush as everybody who passed […]

Alliance, NE: Tim’s Semi-Retirement

As it happens to all of us, Father Time pushed forward and invited Tim Dahlberg, Maintenance Assistant Extraordinaire here at Highland Park, to face one of life’s decisions – semi-retirement. To lessen the fear in a potentially frightening life-altering situation, we did what we do best and incorporated some humor. Because it is only a […]

Celebrating How Our Heroes Touch the Lives of Others

Vetter Health Services has been delivering quality care to seniors for over 40 years. We pride ourselves on providing quality living options and care to seniors throughout all of our 30 locations. We celebrate the heroes that work for us and dedicate their lives in caring for others. Charles Devlin said it best in the following quote, “Every day […]

Alliance, NE: Safety Culture Thriving in Alliance

Highland Park Care Center team members were honored to be served by Home Office personnel during our Injury Free Celebration recently. At this time, Highland Park Care Center was 452 days injury free, a feat difficult to attain unless there is a committed and genuine team member culture of caring for, and respect for, each […]

Alliance, NE: Ooer the Fields We Go

Dashing through the snow, in a one horse open sleigh… You know the rest. In a virtual, and admittedly warm environment of indoors, that’s exactly what we did. Through the magic of a genuinely Nebraska-looking backdrop and a real, one-horse open sleigh, Highland Park residents were involved in a photo shoot to celebrate the winter […]

Alliance, NE: St. Nick Spreads Cheer

With his annual visit, Santa Claus brought his trademark cheer, belly laughs and a few gifts to brighten the season. There is no denying the benefit of his gentle reminder of why we celebrate this holiday and the goodness from attempting to live with a giving and caring attitude the whole year through. The simple […]

Alliance, NE: Highland Park is American Health Care Association Bronze Award Recipent

Highland Park Care Center was one of 540 centers in the U.S. to be a recipient of the 2016 American Health Care Association (AHCA) Bronze Commitment to Quality Award. During a celebration attended by Jack Vetter and several VHS Home Office team members on November 30th, the Highland Park community was honored and humbled to […]

Alliance, NE: Passing Out Smiles

This tradition we call Halloween is at times peculiar and hard to define; however, simply by looking in to the faces of the people who give the treats it becomes clear it is important to enjoy this holiday for all its smile rendering benefits. As it happens every year on October 31st, the Alliance children […]

Alliance, NE: Not Just A Gadget

With the current technological advances, where a smart phone has more thinking power than an entire room of computers from a mere 30 years ago, it is common to see people retreating deeply in to a private world created by their gadgets resulting in less human interaction. In our Memory Support Household (MSH) it is […]

Alliance, NE: End to Alzheimer’s Starts With Us

Highland Park Care Center hosted the September 10th Walk to End Alzheimer’s in Alliance with over 150 registrants and 24 teams. The website, specific for this walk, reports over $15,000 having been raised, but event coordinator Dee Dee Behm estimates the total to be over $21,000 when the weekend’s proceeds are reported. Planning for […]

Alliance, NE: Helping The Cause

During this year’s Box Butte County Fair, Highland Park helped sponsor one of the many recent fund raisers for the Alzheimer’s Association. On September 10, 2016, our community will be the rallying point for the Walk to End Alzheimer’s, a western Nebraska panhandle-wide event with a goal of raising $50,000 for Alzheimer’s research. Highland Park […]

Alliance, NE: Making Friends at the Fair

The Box Butte County Fair is a favorite annual adventure for our community. This year we escorted 12 of our own 20 miles north to Hemingford, the home of the county fair, in the hopes of reconnecting with old friends at the “Old Timers Picnic”. A short ride on the open highway is always a […]

Alliance, NE: One Book, Two Book, Won’t You Read Me A Book

A Dr. Seuss themed summer reading program recently took shape at Highland Park. After listening to several classic Seuss stories, children were assisted by Highland Park Care Center residents in making sock puppets reminding them of their favorite Dr. Seuss characters. Later play dough was the media as everyone molded their best Horton-looking elephants. As […]

Alliance, NE: Senior Care Takes Top Billing During Senator’s Visit

Senator Al Davis visited Highland Park Care Center, through an invitation offered by the Nebraska Health Care Association, in order to allow Nebraska Health Care Association to thank him for his dedication to senior care and for a meet and greet with the HPCC community. NHCA president and CEO Heath Boddy was on hand to […]

Alliance, NE: Residents Support Outstanding Facilities


The residents of the Memory Support Household spent last summer making items to sell in a fall craft show held annually. After much discussion with the residents on what to do with the proceeds from the craft sale, the decision was made that they wanted to improve their courtyard! A local landscaper was contacted and […]

Alliance, NE: Friends Share Their Talents

Alliance High School was host to the 2016 District musical competition. Through a family friend, our community was allowed the privilege of listening to some extremely talented youth. As often happens, a simple inquiry between friends created an opportunity for Highland Park to open its doors to a beautiful life enrichment activity. A phone call […]

Alliance, NE: Highland Park Recognizes an Outstanding HIM Leader

Bobi Courtney was recognized in April 2016 during National Health Information Management Professionals Week. Bobi has been in the HIM position for 2 years. Bobi is not a newcomer to long term care though. . . she has been an LPN charge nurse for 43 years. Bobi has a Yes I Can attitude and exemplifies […]

Alliance, NE: With Age Came the Wisdom

Even if you have never found yourself pursuing trivia, chances are it has found an empty room in the apartment of your mind and it is waiting to be addressed. It was proven today at Highland Park that we do know more than we thought. Through a friendly challenge of the residents, leadership team members […]

Alliance, NE: Good for the Body and Soul

  Healing of the body and soul were the priority today in the Memory Support Household (MSH). Dee Dee Behm, MSH Coordinator, orchestrated a visit from our Kiddie Kampus preschoolers along with a massage therapist who was instrumental in releasing tension from our residents. While the preschoolers understandably radiated their high energy love and friendship, […]

Alliance, NE: It Was How We Played the Game

Please forgive a reference to the old saying “It doesn’t matter if you win or lose…”, but today we demonstrated that it truly mattered how we played the game. Our Casino Party was a super opportunity for residents, team members and family to share their card playing prowess, fueled with friendly competition, in order to […]

Alliance, NE: Golden Opportunity


A golden opportunity was addressed as Tim, Maintenance Assistant and relatively new team member, enlisted the assistance of Sam to stain an oak shelf Tim had made. While demonstrating his thoughtful demeanor, Tim created a situation wherein Sam could put his hands to work toward the completion of this beautiful woodworking project. The opportunity allowed […]

Alliance, NE: Elvis Celebrates 80th Birthday at Highland Park

Before the familiar entrance music, Highland Park was snacking on peanut butter and banana sandwiches and washing it down with Pepsi, in honor of the King of Rock & Roll’s favorite treats. Looking great at 80, Elvis showed he still had it by wooing the ladies and knocking out some of the favorite hits. By […]

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Alliance, NE: Ringing in the New Year in our Pajamas

2015 left Highland Park Care Center this year in a pajama wearing, bingo playing, sparkling cider drinking festivity. While the time was different for bingo, the fun was amped up as we wore our pajamas and celebrated the coming of the new year with our own brand of bubbly. It was great fun to shake […]

Alliance, NE: A Commitment Demonstrated

Through a public announcement at the latest Highland Park Care Center all-team member meeting, DeeDee Behm was recognized as a recipient of a $1000 scholarship to be used towards her LPN-C degree becoming IV certified. The VHS Academic Committee for Excellence (ACE), who awarded the money, admitted the number of quality applicants from across the […]

Alliance, NE: Still Young at Heart!

Saturday December 19th we celebrated Christmas with our families with our annual Christmas party. There was lots of food and fellowship. Lola did her annual check of Santa by pulling on his beard to make sure he was real. And she also gave him her annual kiss of thanks!!! Lola and Doris who are best […]

Alliance, NE: Giving a helping hand

With support from the Highland Park Care Center charitable organization M.O.D. Squad (Making Our Difference), a group of resident council members helped fill boxes with traditional Thanksgiving food items. These were then wrapped in festive paper and were distributed to team members who may not otherwise be able to adequately enjoy this meal. It was […]

Alliance, NE: Even The Tricks Were a Treat

Our community was feeling the Halloween spirit as we prepared for a costume contest followed by a friendly contest of Minute to Win It style games. With teams consisting of residents and team member combinations, contestants were tasked with a multitude of silly instructions and given an impossibly short amount of time to finish. No […]