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Iowa Falls, IA: Honoring our Veteran’s

Those who live today remember those who did not. Those who know freedom remember today those who gave up life for freedom. Today, in honor of the dead, we conduct ceremonies. We lay wreaths. We speak words of tribute. And in our memories, in our hearts, we hold them close to us still. Yet we […]

Iowa Falls, IA: 2nd Annual Chili Cook Off

Heritage Care Center hosted a fall Family Appreciation Night Friday, October 19. The evening started with our 2nd Annual Chili Cook Off and supper. The kitchen made a few batches of chili, cinnamon rolls and pumpkin bars. Residents, families and team members tried all of the chili and voted on their favorites. All of the […]

Iowa Falls, IA: Heritage Annual Community Picnic and Fun Day of Fishing

Each year we take a day, set aside the normal daily paper work and chores, to spend our time together with residents in the great outdoors. This year is no different aside from the looming possibility of rain that hovered above us, threatening to scare fishermen and fish into hiding. Bus load after bus load […]

Iowa Falls, IA: From The Rear-View Mirror

Our town really goes all out for the 4th of July celebration with rides, shows, and attractions. A parade through town draws thousands outdoors and the holiday is topped off with several bangs of beautiful fireworks. Yep, our town really knows how to get down for Independence Day! The trouble that we have is most […]

Iowa Falls, IA: Getting to Know You…Getting to Know All About You!

Getting to like you, getting to hope you like me; as the song goes from the King and I. That’s what our National Nursing Home Week was truly about. The theme was called Celebrating Life Stories, but we struggled a little with what to do with this theme. We wanted to get our residents and […]

Iowa Falls, IA: Ukulele Club

I had the music teacher from the middle school contact me about a small group of 3 6th grade kids that formed a Ukulele Club. They had practiced ukulele’s in 5th grade and really missed it, so they got together with the music teacher to share their idea. She meets with them after school each […]

Iowa Falls. IA: Once An Eagle, Always An Eagle

It’s been more than 60 years since former Philadelphia Eagle, resident wore the green jersey, but tonight that all changed. He played for the Eagles for a short time in the 1950’s, but he cherishes the memories he made. On Super Bowl Sunday he was decked out in green and white one more time. Dreamweaver […]

Iowa Falls, IA: Michelle Oliver

Heritage Care Center is proud to announce that Michelle Oliver, Social Services Coordinator was awarded a $1,000 scholarship from Vetter Senior Living. The VSL Academic Committee for Excellence chose Michelle to receive this scholarship from numerous qualified candidates from across VSL. Michelle was presented the award at our January All-Team meeting and was very excited […]

Iowa Falls, IA: 1st Annual Chili Competition

Heritage Care Center hosted our 1st Annual Chili Competition in conjunction with our fall Family Appreciation Night. Our Dietary team made chili, cinnamon rolls and cornbread. Team members, families and residents were encouraged to bring their best chili to enter the competition. We had 13 entries and everyone had a tough time choosing their favorite! […]

Iowa Falls, IA: Have A Coke And A Smile On Halloween

Coke And A Smile On Halloween Every year the Iowa Falls Chamber holds a costume contest for local businesses to dress up. In the past Heritage Care Center has not won, but we have placed in the top three. This year, we anticipated a winning costume. Carol, our Life Enrichment Coordinator, had a great idea […]

Iowa Falls, IA: Llama Llama Ding Dong

“A packer, a friend, or a hard working soul, a llama can fit just about any old role.” For our state fair finale we planned Furry Friends Day. Whats a fair without furry animals to look at and pet? Elizabeth, our medical records guru, brought in tiny kittens that everyone loved. We also wanted something […]

Iowa Falls, IA: State Fair Fun Day

State Fair Fun day held several surprises for our residents. One of our dedicated volunteers, Don, drove his tractor about fifteen miles so he could park the big machine in the front yard of the care facility. Another volunteer, Darwin, brought his muscle car over to show off the original parts and paint job he […]

Iowa Falls, IA: State Fair Days Of Summer

Aside from the horrible high humidity and heat that makes life miserable, August is an exciting month in Iowa because it is state fair time. The New York Times best-selling travel book, 1000 Places to See Before You Die, lists the Iowa State Fair in the top 25 and it is the ONLY fair it […]

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Iowa Falls, IA: Sight Seeing With The Empress

Iowa Falls is blessed to be built right on the beautiful Iowa River. With its limestone cliffs and picturesque banks, the river meanders through the heart of the town and holds a lot of historic memories for our residents and staff. The best way to enjoy the river is on our river boat The Empress. […]

Iowa Falls, IA: Fall Kick Off Picnic

Our annual fall kick off community picnic in September took place at a new park this year. The City of Alden has created a new park adjacent to their campground. The shelter house is very nice with power outlets, and positioned right next to the fishing area. In addition to the great amenities, the paved […]

Iowa Falls, IA: Hole In One

We find the IN2L amazing here at Heritage Care Center. With all of its features many staff members have stated they wished they could have one at home. I would have to say that my favorite use of the IN2L is to learn and teach new information to our residents. Many of our residents grew […]

Iowa Falls, IA: New Technology

Here at Heritage Care Center our residents are unsure of using new technology. The iN2L computer, with all of its amazing features can seem overwhelming to a lot of our older Iowans. The most common comment from people is “I don’t need anything like that.” These folks grew up in rural areas farming, teaching and […]

Iowa Falls, IA: Going To The Chapel

In Iowa people would sometimes plan their wedding day around moving day. Farmers who rented land had a years lease from March to March. Before moving into their next farm residence, betrothed would marry so they could move in to the new place together since people didn’t live together before marriage World wide though June […]

Iowa Falls, IA: Boji Gals

Boji Gals We were blessed with a lady from our area, who is staying a short time for physical therapy. Her name is Nancy, and with her friend Pat they make up a wonderful karaoke team called the “Boji Gals”. Pat is a serious karaoke fan. Pat’s computer contains over 30,000 karaoke songs. Pats home […]

Iowa Falls, IA: The Year Was 1912

The year started with 46 stars on the American flag. With the admission of Arizona and New Mexico, President Taft ordered the 48-star flag on June 24. The average worker earned $200 – $400 per year. The US population was 95 million. Most women washed their hair once a month using borax or egg yolks […]

Iowa Falls, IA: Forever Friends

In Iowa Falls motivated teens from the local high school can serve community hours to earn a purple cord for graduation. The purple cord is a symbol of the teen’s dedication to community and helping others. The Purple cord award is a distinguished graduation award available to students who volunteer for a total of 160 […]

Iowa Falls, IA: Willie, Roy, and Elvis at Family Appreciation Night

The final day of National Nursing Home Week was for families. With the dining room decorated with the theme Elvis in Hawaii, Family appreciation Night started with a delicious meal of burgers and brats cooked outside on the grill. (Kudos to the gentlemen that braved the unseasonably cold weather to barbecue for everyone.) The cook […]

Iowa Falls, IA: New Administrator Puckers Up For The Vetter Foundation

During National Nursing Home Week we wanted staff to be as involved as possible. With day four being rodeo day, and knowing we would have a pig here, we came up with a contest to raise money for the Vetter Foundation. Andrew, our new administrator, agreed that if we were able to raise $100 for […]

Iowa Falls, IA: Rodeo Day…Sort Of

Day four of National Nursing Home Week brought excitement and cold, cold weather. We had planned a rodeo day, complete with roping practice and animals. Earlier in the week we started advertising the activity that would be coming up, and even hyped up the suspense by having residents guess what animals would show up. When […]

Iowa Falls, IA: Take Me Out to the Ball Game

The second day of National Nursing Home Week was baseball day here at Heritage. After all, what says “Spirit of America” more than baseball? We invited staff to dress in their favorite team’s baseball jerseys, hats and styles. Staff and residents alike were offered hot dogs and baked beans for lunch. Then in the afternoon […]

Iowa Falls, IA: Uncle Sam, The Mayor and a Balloon Release-National Nursing Home Week

We kicked off National Nursing Home Week with flair. Uncle Sam spent the day with us, visiting each resident and putting smiles on their faces. During “lemonade on the patio” while threatening storm clouds loomed overhead, we convened under the carport area to listen to the Mayor of Iowa Falls, Gene Newgaard, read his proclamation […]

Iowa Falls, IA: What Dreams Are Made Of

How do you define a life well lived? What makes a person content with their life, so at the end they have no regrets or undone things? Some people choose to make bucket lists. There was even a Hollywood movie based around the whole idea of a bucket list. The problem with these lists, however, […]

Iowa Falls, IA: Puppy Therapy

“Dogs are man’s best friends.” “Puppies are the embodiment of love, with a tail.” “There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.” “There’s just something about puppy breath.” There are thousands of quotes and sayings about puppies. On Monday April 24th, we got to live some of these quotes when […]

Iowa Falls, IA: Sundaes, Bunnies and Eggs

Prior to the Easter Bunny bringing smiles to residents and visitors during his recent stop at Heritage Care Center on Saturday April 8, we enjoyed an ice cream social for residents and staff families to welcome our new administrator Andrew Wismer and his family. Everyone was happy to meet them and enjoy a sundae. Then […]

Celebrating How Our Heroes Touch the Lives of Others

Vetter Health Services has been delivering quality care to seniors for over 40 years. We pride ourselves on providing quality living options and care to seniors throughout all of our 30 locations. We celebrate the heroes that work for us and dedicate their lives in caring for others. Charles Devlin said it best in the following quote, “Every day […]

Iowa Falls, IA: Tea Party Afternoon

On a cold January day in Iowa, nothing seems to warm a person up quite like a nice cup of hot tea, coffee, or cocoa. So we dusted off the good crystal and had ourselves an “authentic” tea party. We served Russian tea, black tea, and several treats like cream puffs and mini eclairs. We […]

Iowa Falls, IA: Western Day

Every year we team-up with a local doctor who brings his horses and a large wagon to give rides to all the residents. This year due to situations out of everyone’s control, the event had to be cancelled. Not wanting to disappoint the residents who were geared up for a fun filled western themed day, […]

Iowa Falls, IA: The Magic Of IN2L

The IN2L is a daily fixture in our resident’s lives here at Heritage. When we have occasion to remove it from its regularly designated place in the hub area, many residents wait upon baited breath for it to return. No, the IN2L doesn’t take the place of activities or of our personal interactions; the IN2L […]

Iowa Falls, IA: Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On

The 7th of July was Family Appreciation Night. We sent out party invitations several weeks before, and began preparations for a night our families would remember for years to come. We had planned a great cookout with burgers and hot dogs, baked beans and cheesy hash browns. We asked families to bring lawn chairs as […]

Iowa Falls, IA: Fourth of July Parade

On a cool, cloudy 4th of July several residents waited both patiently and impatiently for the time to come to load our community’s bus, and take a trip downtown to watch the annual parade. To help pass the time we drank lemonade on the patio out front, watching our neighborhood fox come and go from […]

Iowa Falls, IA: Chocolate Phosphates Are The Best

Green River, Wipeout, Chocolate Phosphate … Chances are if you know what these names mean you have been to an old fashioned soda shop. All of our residents have been to a soda fountain in their lifetime, and recently they got the opportunity to go again. Ackley Heritage Society in Ackley, Iowa has a soda […]

Iowa Falls, IA: A Hero’s Visit

May 17th 2016 a hero visited Heritage Care Center. He was big and strong with dark hair and a bright smile. No he didn’t wear a cape and he couldn’t fly, but he did have four legs and a tail. Hardin County’s very own Officer Lennox, along with his handler Officer Matt Jones, came to […]

Iowa Falls, IA: On A Bicycle Built For Two

How many times can you relive your childhood? – As many times as you like if you were a resident at Heritage Care Center on June 21st. That is when All Ability Cycle joined us for the afternoon in our parking lot. In tow with them were three of the most fantastic bicycles you possibly […]

Elkhorn, NE: Heritage Care Center Celebrates Two Years Injury Free!

Team members at the Heritage Care Center in Iowa Falls took a time-out from serving others and instead were served lunch by members of the Home Office to celebrate two years of an injury-free workplace. Working for two years without injury is a significant achievement. It takes great teamwork and allows Vetter Health Services to […]

Iowa Falls, IA: Spring Has Sprung and Rides Have Begun

Spring has taken its sweet time coming around this year, but on April 21st the skies were a beautiful blue. The sun came up that morning bright, shiny, and warm. So we loaded our first bus before 10 and our last bus was unloaded after 4. During the drives we went through the country side, […]

Iowa Falls, IA: Book Worms Go to Town

Here at Heritage we do our best to encourage our residents to keep hold of the habits and things they enjoyed before moving here. One thing that continues to be very special to some residents is reading. With today’s technologies even those who can no longer see or hold a book can enjoy this past […]

Iowa Falls, IA: New and Improved

April is not only the deadline for tax season, but also national New Car Month. During “Reminisce”on Thursdays comments about our parents or our first cars find their way in to the conversations. The stories of $2500 brand new vehicles, and new features like starting with a key instead of a crank are common place. […]

Iowa Falls, IA: Successful Benefit!

On Sunday, April 3rd, 2016 some of our team members at Heritage Care Center hosted a benefit for Terry Sykes, Rehab Aide at Heritage for 36 years. The benefit was held to help defray the medical expenses Terry has accumulated during her battle with cancer. We had a pulled pork luncheon and a silent auction […]

Iowa Falls, IA: The Guinea Pigs Came To Visit!

March is Adopt-A-Guinea Pig Month. In recognition, a staff member brought a herd of 6 guinea pigs, and did a little show. Several residents came to the event, and learned a lot about the history and different breeds of the furry friends. During the presentation, a slide show was shown with photos of the different […]

Iowa Falls, IA: Here Comes Peter Cottontail…

Old Long Ears himself made an appearance on Good Friday at Heritage Care Center. With plastic eggs in tow for all of the residents and visitors, he made his rounds through the dinning room. Laughter and smiles filled the air as they opened their eggs to find candy, and a special little message. One lady […]

Iowa Fall, IA: Rocking Around the Shamrock

St. Patrick’s Day 2016 was an exciting event here at Heritage Care Center. We had a great party, with green punch and a tasty trail mix. The residents enjoyed the Irish trivia, information on St. Patrick, and tall tales of leprechauns. One thing that no one was expecting; entertainment from our very own karaoke club […]

Iowa Falls, IA: Spring Fling

Spring is in the air and to celebrate the 1st graders from Pineview Elementary School was invited to come play: ALL 90 OF THEM! What do you do with 90 kids for an hour? You let them compete in a couple of games, while the residents look on with amazement. Since our party was Spring […]

Iowa Falls, IA: Hopping in to Help

Just as much as any where, Easter is a special time of year in Iowa Falls. Everyone loves to see the smiling faces of children on their search for the bright, colorful eggs. But eggs don’t come prefilled, so someone has to play the Easter Bunny’s helper. That’s where the residents here at Heritage like […]

Iowa Falls, IA: See Whoooo Came to Visit!

March 7-9 is known as the Festival of Owls time of the year. This rings in the breeding season and with the help of a little injured owlet named Alice in 1997, the festival has become an international movement toward protecting these amazing birds of prey. Alice is from a town is Minnesota, and while […]

Iowa Falls, IA: All “Tied” Together

A 36 year employee at Heritage is struggling with colon cancer. Team members have to come together to create a fundraiser through a luncheon. Many people have donated time, and items to be auctioned or raffled off. Our residents truly care for her and wanted to be involved in creating an item for the benefit. […]