Coronavirus / COVID-19 Prevention in VSL Buildings

We are all are concerned about the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and how it may impact residents and team members at Vetter Senior Living facilities. Ensuring residents are cared for in a safe and healthy environment is our first priority. As the Coronavirus continues to spread in the United States, we have received new rules […]

Garnett, KS: Quality Award Celebration

It was time to celebrate receiving the ACHA Quality Care Silver Award! Excellent Teams We will select and develop team members who radiate warmth, compassion, and respect while skillfully performing their duties. Submitted by Carol Barnes, People Development Coordinator Parkview Heights, Garnett, Kansas

Garnett, KS: Snowball Fight!

As soon as the first snow hits, the chatter begins about snow ball fights and snow angels. Bob, one of our residents always gets so excited when they start talking about it, so guess what? They made it happen! Oh the look on his face when they began to throw the snow balls, what fun! […]

Garnett, KS: Did You Say Elf and Her Llama?

Santa’s Elf and her Llama stopped by to spread some Christmas cheer! He’s so adorable, it’s hard to explain how this truly brightens everyone’s day! Didn’t have the opportunity to take many pictures to share, but it’s incredible the joy that animals bring when they come to Parkview Heights. Quality Life: We will create a […]

Garnett, KS: Resident Christmas Party

The residents enjoyed our annual Christmas Party again this year. The food was fabulous, they enjoyed time with their families and Santa even stopped by! For the employees, the funnest part is shopping for little gifts for the residents and being able to see their faces when they open up their gifts. We are always […]

Garnett, KS: Lasting Relationships

Allan and Henry have developed a special relationship over the years. Allan was always good to take some time to take Henry on a ride to see his old farm, check the cattle and go just about wherever Henry wanted to go! Before Allan retired he took him on 1 last ride thru the countryside […]

Garnett, KS: Allan’s Retirement Party

It was a long time in the making for Allan to finally get his retirement and party! We, of course had a hard time trying to find the right fit for his replacement, so bless his heart he stayed with us for at least 4 months past what he wanted to be his last day […]

Garnett, KS: Library Story Time with Angie

Our local library has story time for toddlers during the summer months. They select various businesses to host story time and different people to read to the children. This week we were able to host the event with Angie our Office Manager being the story teller of “The Berenstain Bears Go to the Moon”. The […]

Garnett, KS: Jessica Swisher Wins Vetter Scholarship

Jessica Swisher has been a CNA for Parkview Heights since 2014, she became a CMA in July of 2019. She is continuing her education and will be starting her LPN courses in January. She received the VSL Scholarship Award and we presented it to her at our November In-Service. She was really appreciative of being […]

Garnett, KS: Fishing Trip

The residents as always enjoy being able to go on little outings, but when they mentioned fishing–their eyes lit up! We had 9 residents that just couldn’t wait for that day to come. As the fishermen and women took off on their excursion they were all smiles and the competition had started. They caught a […]

Garnett, KS: Father’s Day Breakfast

We held our 2nd annual Father’s Day Breakfast! All the men gathered around for what would have been a normal men’s breakfast that they hold once a month. But we surprised them just a bit with a special menu for the day! Another surprise was that the staff had drawn their names and bought special […]

Garnett, KS: Happy Rail Trails!

Kansas and probably other states have made rail trails from the abandoned rail ways. They are used for walking running, biking anything except motorized vehicles. The Prairie Spirit Rail Trail committee along with the Parks and Recreation guys recently dedicated a day to change that rule so they could give golf cart rides to some […]

Garnett, KS: 5 Fun filled days for our CNA’s!

The nursing staff goes all out to show their appreciation for our CNA’s! They lined the halls with pictures of our CNA’s with words to describe them, like diligent, thoughtful, intelligent etc. They planned fun things for each day along with a great assortment of food. Monday was crazy hair or hat day, they served […]

Garnett, KS: A Night to Celebrate

We held our 2nd annual Night of Celebration for our lovely women residents and their daughters, sisters, mothers and friends. The preparations started early that day with extra help in the beauty shop to pamper all the ladies. Sharon and the kitchen staff prepared a lovely meal with homemade cherry and strawberry rhubarb pies for […]

Garnett, KS: 30 Years of Dedication and Service

Allan Highberger has been our dedicated maintenance supervisor for 30 years! He knows more about this building and grounds than anyone ever could. He patience and kindness are extraordinary, being in a building dominated with women, he has proved to be one of a kind. Allan is also very interested in getting to know our […]

Garnett, KS: Our Residents Christmas Party

Christmas is a great time of year to get together with family and friends. We make sure every year that the residents get to celebrate Christmas with their families too. What a fun night it was, we had Butch come to sing a few Christmas Carols, some of the employees drew names for the residents […]

Garnett, KS: “Sunny” Does Brighten the Residents Day!

Sunny the miniature donkey put on his best suit and came to visit with his helper elf and friend Misti the toy puppy. (I don’t remember what kind of dog!) They made their rounds through the whole facility bringing smiles every step of the way. It’s amazing to see their eyes light up as they […]

Garnett, KS: Nursing Home Week’s Annual Olympiad in Garnett

The Life Enrichment Team along with several others held our annual Olympiad for all the nursing homes in our area. They offered all sorts of different events to participate in: Basketball Toss, Ring Toss, Bean Bag Toss, Ball Throw, Horse Shoes, Seed Spitting, Wheelchair Race, and Hog Calling! It’s a full day of fun for […]

Garnett, KS: Life Stories through Quilts!

One of our residents Imogene, is 92 and has been quilting for many years. She has a talent beyond belief, her quilts are still all stitched by HAND, the quilting and all! The family brought several of her favorites in as she spoke about how she starts and what inspires her different designs. She has […]

Garnett, KS: Mission Trip to Haiti (Sharing their Experience)

Residents and loved ones got to hear first-hand the experiences of of a local group fresh from a recent mission trip to Haiti. One of our regular visitors and minister participated in the trip, along with a  local doctor who supports the residents at Parkview Heights, and other friends. As part of their mission, they […]

Garnett, KS: Easter Egg Hunt in Garnett

Our annual Easter Egg Hunt took place on the Friday before Easter. The weather wasn’t very pleasant but the sun did shine, the first time in quite a while here in Garnett. Because of that, turn out was small but mighty, the kids that did brave the cooler weather were rewarded with a lot of […]

Garnett, KS: One Man’s Longing to “Help the Kids”

One of our residents, Don was a charter member of the Hospital Dads program at Mirza Shrine based in Pittsburg in 1985. With the Shrine’s membership and their fund raising ability, the organization followed suit to similar programs started by Shrine’s across the country, aimed at offering free transportation and travel for families of children […]

Garnett, KS: Traveling Reindeer!

The nursing department decided to have some fun today with a simple head band that had a set of reindeer antlers on it. Just goes to show that it’s the little things that can be the most fun! So as this “reindeer” made it’s way through the building you can just see all the fun […]

Garnett, KS: Striving for “World Class”

We were recently awarded the American Healthcare Association Bronze Quality Award! We feel very fortunate to have received this honor. It’s just part of our journey to become a facility that continually strives to improve and change where needed to become the facilty that delivers “world class” standards everyday. Jack Vetter came down to present […]

Garnett, KS: New Memories Made and Old Ones Remembered!

It was such a great evening, our residents and their families being able to get together and celebrate Christmas. Our residents helped prepare some candy for the event, the kitchen made some of the main entrees, and families brought in all kinds of wonderful side dishes or desserts to create one fabulous buffet. What a […]

Garnett, KS: A Little Friendly Competition!

This year at Parkview Heights we decided to have a door decorating contest, sounds fun right?  Well, you say competition around here and you better be prepared, the game was on! What a blast everyone had trying to keep their ideas a secret and finding ways that we could out do each other.  Well you […]

Garnett, KS: Sharing, Learning, Growing with Take Time To Care

We finally had all the preparations done, prizes gathered, and schedule figured out for everyone to go through the Take Time To Care Program. It took 3 weeks to work everyone in, but it was time well spent. You could just watch some of the folks that don’t like to talk start to open up […]

Garnett, KS: Fun Fall Travels

We love this time of year at Parkview Heights. The leaves are falling, the fall tours to Pome on the Range and to Louisburg Cider Mill are always on the list of fun activities for the residents. At Pome on the Range the can purchase apples and take tours through their orchard. At Louisburg Cider […]

Garnett, KS: Veteran’s Day Celebration

We were excited and proud to hold our annual Veteran’s Day Celebration. Crossroads Hospice always puts on a very nice presentation for our Veteran’s and the wives of Veteran’s here at Parkview Heights. The DAR local group also comes to share pins and poppies with the residents. It’s just a small token of our appreciation […]

Garnett, KS: The Message of “Hope” Through Pink Pumpkins

We discussed one day about decorating pumpkins and using the Breast Cancer Awareness Month as our theme. Well not much more needed to be said and the pumpkins arrived!!! The fun soon began….painting them all shades of pink and white one day and then decorating them the next. There were all kinds of fun Halloween […]

Garnett, KS: It’s Not Fall Without a Hayrack Ride!

Oh the building was a buzz the whole day of the Hayrack Ride! The weather was kind of rainy and the forecast was saying that it would be clearing off, but it is Kansas so you never know. But as luck would have it, the rain stopped and they got to go on their ride. […]

Garnett, KS: Back to the Farm and More!

At Parkview Heights, we are proud to be dedicated on our goal of helping provide rehabilitation that leads to greater levels of independence.  We work with individuals post-surgery, post-trauma/accident, and through comprehensive and interdisciplinary rehabilitation we help to achieve incredible outcomes.  Henry’s story is one of hard work, perseverance, and a positive outlook on life.  Henry […]

Garnett, KS: Finding Loved Ones Through the IN2L

(Leola) is one of our residents, earlier this year her sister passed away. Anna (her sister) and her husband are buried in the Lakeview Memorial Garden. Leola knew that she couldn’t make the trip to Texas for the service so we accessed the IN2L, which allowed her see where her sister and brother-in-law lay to […]

Garnett, KS: Ice Cream Social

DeMott’s Ice Cream came to our facility and made their homemade Ice Cream Wednesday evening. The girls had made some brownies, peanut butter bars, chocolate chip bars, and confetti cake with a variety of yummy toppings to accompany the delicious ice cream. The residents and their families came out to enjoy the beautiful Kansas evening, […]

Garnett, KS: Not Quite Totality but Total Fun!

The day finally arrived, the search for enough protective glasses was over. We could finally get outside and take a peak at a very rare opportunity to see the Solar Eclipse they had been so anxiously awaiting. So with our glasses in place it was time to look to the sky and through the clouds […]

Garnett, KS: Employees to the Rescue!

In our Beauty Shop we have several beauticians that come in on a regular basis to keep everyone looking and feeling great. One of them does 85% of our residents hair, from wash, color & set to new cuts and perms of course. She fell and broke her wrist about a month ago, so the […]

Garnett, KS: Food and Fun for Nursing Home Week

The residents have had a great time all week long. I had written about our Olympiad on Tues. The rest of the week has been filled with receiving all kinds of extra bonus prizes for Bingo, they have had music entertainment along with home made funnel cakes. More music on Friday with an (indoor) picnic […]

Garnett, KS: Annual Olympaid

To help us celebrate Nursing Home Week, our Life Enrichment Department has held an Olympiad for 19 years now. We have all the surrounding facilities in our area come to participate in various events. They have a nice variety of events to pick from like basketball hoops, bean bag toss, horseshoes, ring toss, ball throw, […]

Garnett, KS: Monopoly In-Service Fun!

It was the time of year to do our 6 different stations of knowledge and training, like Hand Hygiene Competency, Pushing residents in wheelchair-Foot Petal Training, Transferring properly and gate belt training, lock out- tag out, Hazard Communication and Personal Protective Equipment training. Sorry but it sounds a little boring right? So the front office […]

Garnett, KS: New Beginnings- “Go Live” Day at Parkview Heights

The big day was finally here! The worry and anxiety would be put to the test that day! I can say with much excitement that on May 1st, everyone at Parkview Heights had done their homework, and had made their preparations and the day went exceptionally well. We couldn’t be more proud of all the […]

Garnett, KS: An Exciting Day!

The Junior Class has a contest every year and the winner decides where they want to go in the community to share their time. For 2 years now the winners have picked us at Parkview Heights! We have 2 sets of kids that come through and we play games and sing karaoke with our IN2L, […]

Garnett, KS: The Easter Bunny Visits Parkview Heights

We had an Easter Party this year instead of an Easter Egg Hunt. The residents worked so hard for weeks to get the Easter Bunny Bags ready for the young visitors we would have for our party. They filled the bags with goodies of all sorts and of course candy. The residents all gathered in […]

Garnett, KS: Senior Prom

Whether you are young or old, we all look forward to a lot of the same things, maybe for different reasons, but we all still look forward to the opportunity to be with family, and friends, doing different things. It’s helps us get away from our daily routines. It could be going to Prom, getting […]

Garnett, KS: Story Time with Friends of the Library

Our local library has a program called Friends of the Library. One of their members comes by a couple times a year for story time that usually includes a craft at the end to go with the story. Some of the Friends of the Library come with their children to listen to the story and […]

Garnett, KS: The Best Type of Therapy (Pets)

Dena in our Therapy department had purchased a Nigerian Dwarf goat. Her name is Annie and they brought her home when she was only 9 days old. Annie only weighed approximately 2 pounds and will only reach around 25 pounds at full grown. The day after Annie had a new home, Dena was telling her […]

Celebrating How Our Heroes Touch the Lives of Others

Vetter Health Services has been delivering quality care to seniors for over 40 years. We pride ourselves on providing quality living options and care to seniors throughout all of our 30 locations. We celebrate the heroes that work for us and dedicate their lives in caring for others. Charles Devlin said it best in the following quote, “Every day […]

Garnett, KS: Fun, Family and Merry Memories

Our Christmas party was a big hit again this year! The dietary department prepares the meat and the potatoes, and all our residents families bring in side dishes or a dessert of their choice. This makes for a great time with family, friends, and some amazing family favorites to eat. A time to reminisce the […]

Garnett, KS: Fun at Work–What???

Every facility has it’s share of in-services right? It is a part of what we do, the criteria that needs to be covered yearly etc. Well this time we decided to change all that, we had an in-service set up that was totally just for fun, yes FUN! We had several silly games that we […]

Garnett, KS: Thank You to all of our Hometown Heros and their Wives

On Veteran’s Day we had quite a celebration for all our veteran’s and the wives all the men that had defended our great country. Kevin from Crossroads Hospice did a beautiful job with the ceremony, he thanked each and everyone of them for fighting for our country and defending it’s great honor. His speech was […]

Garnett, KS: How Kids Make This A Merry Season!

Throughout the whole month of December we have had all kinds of 4-H groups, church groups, and school groups come through to help spread the holiday cheer. It has been so much fun preparing for Christmas, so all of our residents may enjoy the sights and sounds of the season. We have had the pleasure […]