St Edward

Coronavirus / COVID-19 Prevention in VSL Buildings

We are all are concerned about the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and how it may impact residents and team members at Vetter Senior Living facilities. Ensuring residents are cared for in a safe and healthy environment is our first priority. As the Coronavirus continues to spread in the United States, we have received new rules […]

St Edward, NE: Everything is awesome!

“Everything is Awesome” Yes, “Cloverlodge” is a great place to work! It all starts at the top. We have an awesome support system from home office which in turn makes it possible and easier to do what we need to do here at our facility. Our Administrator is doing an “Awesome” job and she shares […]

St. Edward, NE: TEAM-Terrific Energy Among Many!

I must say, Our team is one of the best here at Cloverlodge Care Center. Each and everyone is always willing to pitch in and help. We have many personalities and many talents and each is unique in their own way. I am proud to say I am a part of this amazing team.Having some […]

St. Edward, NE: Precious Moments with the Preschool

We always welcome visitors and guests to our facility. The preschool kids came for a visit on Halloween day. All dressed up and ready to entertain us here at Cloverlodge Care Center. We enjoy having visitors of all ages but we especially look forward to the preschool kids coming to see us. Not only do […]

St. Edward. NE: Fundraising and Team Building

Being in a smaller community we come across many different opportunities to show our support. While every year we come up with a way to support the Vetter Foundation we also support someone or something locally. This year we held a Golf tournament at the “Cow Patty” Golf Course which was started by one of […]

St. Edward, NE: Fundraiser for the Local Senior Center

Our team wanted to do our part in helping out the Local Senior center. The small town community struggles with the amount of funds available. Leadership Team decided to do a silent auction for the cause. All the items were donated by the Cloverlodge staff. We are happy to say it was a success and […]

St Paul, NE: National Nursing Home Week

Brookefield Park in St. Paul, Nebraska celebrated National Nursing Home Week on May 14-18, 2018. We started out the week with Cinderella Day. Administrator Brenda Ewers-Nordhues dressed up as Cinderella and also had her evil stepsisters by her side. We also delivered cookies to our Police Officers in St. Paul and started our day out […]

St. Edward, NE: Let It Snow!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Our residents enjoyed watching nature pour down the snow on us here in St. Edward. We started reminiscing about going outdoors and playing in the snow, making snow angels and fox and hound, but of course going outdoors was not going to happen so we brought […]

St. Ed, NE: Made with Love

Frances so proudly worked on making scarves to be given to someone in need. We would meet and discuss on how to go about our plan, what to do next, who to donate them to, when to deliver. The day finally arrived, today was that day. Up to this day Frances worked diligently knitting scarves. […]

St. Edward, NE: Making Exercise Fun

Tanya appreciates everyone and everything. She is a happy go lucky person. when it comes to Restorative program she states she needs a little motivation. The arm bike is hooked up to the iN2L and she can view the screen as she is working on her program. As she continues to move the scenery on […]

St. Edward, NE: 99 and Loves to Skype

Adele is 99 years old and one of her favorite activities is when she gets to Skype with her family. Adele was one of the residents that went on our outing to visit Fullerton Assisted Living and she reminisced with her friends. Her Daughter Gail called that evening wanting to Skype she inquired about Adele […]

St Edward, NE: Fishing Trip 2017

Several of the Men in our facility enjoyed fishing when they were still at home. They tell stories about the trips they used to take out to the lake to fish. We provided this opportunity for the resident to be able to go fishing again and invited family members or a friend to to join […]

Celebrating How Our Heroes Touch the Lives of Others

Vetter Health Services has been delivering quality care to seniors for over 40 years. We pride ourselves on providing quality living options and care to seniors throughout all of our 30 locations. We celebrate the heroes that work for us and dedicate their lives in caring for others. Charles Devlin said it best in the following quote, “Every day […]

St. Edward, NE: A Spooktacular Time

Halloween was quite the treat at Cloverlodge. They day was full of fun activities. The day began with several residents and staff getting dressed up. The staff was very creative dressing up as Where’s Waldo, pill containers handing out “pills” to make you laugh and to prevent procrastination, a witch, and a giant bag of […]

St. Edward, NE: So Much Cuteness!

Look out for these cuties! Cloverlodge was lucky enough to have a visit from Copper and Picka; 10 week old corgi puppies. The puppies were full of energy! Residents enjoyed petting their soft fur and the endless kisses; and even were volunteering their rooms for the puppies to stay in. This brother and sister pair […]

St Ed, NE: Annual 4th of July BBQ

Cloverlodge Care Center celebrated the 4th of July with the annual family BBQ. Residents, families, and staff members all enjoyed a fun filled evening. The evening was complete with root beer floats, a delicious BBQ supper, accordion music, yard games, and fireworks. Our residents enjoyed visiting with their children, grandchildren, and even great grand-children. Those […]

St. Edward, NE: Cloverlodge Welcomes Back Ben the One Man Band

The residents of Cloverlodge love it when Ben comes to play music for us. All types of familiar music echoes the halls. Not only do the residents enjoy listening to the music they enjoy watching him play several instruments. Some even had a chance join in with tambourines and shakers! He does such a good […]

St. Edward, NE: Feed the Farmer

Cloverlodge completed the annual feed the farmer spring season. Those who used to farm, whose family still farms, farm wives, or if they currently rent the ground out to someone else had the chance to take lunch out to the field/ worksite. It is such an enjoyable time for our residents to get out and […]

St. Edward, NE: A Day at the Fair!

It was a day at the fair for Cloverlodge! We closed our nursing home week celebration with a fair! Residents enjoyed traditional fair dinner with hot dogs, hamburgers, fries, onion rings, and funnel cakes for dessert. After filling up on delicious food it was time to play fair games. They enjoyed a ring toss around […]

St. Edward, NE: All for a Good Cause

Cloverlodge raised money for the Vetter Foundation in some non-traditional ways. The small events included a chili feed for free will donation, casual days with dollar for casual shirt or jeans. A larger event was our “Pie in the Face”. All of the department heads had a jar for 4 weeks at the nurse’s station. […]

St. Edward, NE: Honoring our Volunteers

Cloverlodge honored its wonderful volunteers this year with a relaxing afternoon. All the volunteers were invited for a social hour honoring all their hard work during the past year. They enjoyed delicious cheesecake with the residents and all the toppings under the sun. They all had a chance to win a beautiful painting with the […]

St. Edward, NE: Preschool Visits Cloverlodge

The residents of Cloverlodge welcomed the local preschool for the annual Easter egg hunt! The preschoolers demonstrated what they have learned so far this year. It included letters of the alphabet, the sound the letters make, and the letter in sign language. They also demonstrated how well they knew their colors in English and in […]

St. Ed, NE: Everything Green at Cloverlodge!

You guessed it! With a name like Cloverlodge we go all out on St. Patrick’s Day! With a day of everything green; the residents enjoyed green themed trivia in the morning. In the afternoon they enjoyed a St. Patrick’s social with everything green; green hats, drinks, and food. Some of the green food was familiar […]

St. Edward, NE: Celebrating Valentine’s Day

Red velvet cupcakes, heart shaped sugar cookies, and wine; what more could you ask for? The residents at Cloverlodge enjoyed an afternoon Valentine’s social enjoying good eats, drinks, and relaxing. The following Monday came more Valentine’s celebrations. A delicious lunch with salad, steak, shrimp, baked potatoes, and carrot cake was served. Also, during lunch our […]

St. Edward, NE: Mardi Gras Celebration

Mardi Gras was an all day celebration at Cloverlodge. Our residents enjoyed a pancake buffet for lunch; complete with all the toppings one could ask for. Fresh fruit, cool whip, flavored syrups were some of the favorites. In the afternoon the residents enjoyed jazz music and wearing colorful Mardi Gras masks. After learning a few […]

St Edward, NE: A Love Story That Never Ends

Cloverlodge resident Ray and his wife Sharlene celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on December 29th. As an anniversary gift the family had a plaque made representing their life story. It is such an amazing couple with so much love for one another. After 50+ years of being together it has been hard living apart. Sharlene […]

St Edward, NE: Cloverlodge Rings In The New Year

Party Couple

3-2-1 Happy New Year! New Year’s Eve was quite a celebration at Cloverlodge. We rang in the New Year with a balloon pop hourly countdown complete with confetti and lucky numbers for a chance to prizes. The favorite being bottles of Coca-Cola. The day concluded with a social hour including wine, snacks, noisemakers, hats, and […]

St. Edward, NE: Big Red Walk Proceeds Officially Donated


Cloverlodge celebrated 40 years of Vetter Health Services in September with a walk, bake sale, and basket raffle. The funds raised were just over $900 and along with the donation from the Vetter Foundation the donation totaled more than $1400. Proceeds from our Big Red Walk fundraiser have officially been donated to the St. Edward […]

St. Edward, NE: The Halls of Cloverlodge Once Again Smell of Fresh Baked Popcorn!

The halls of Cloverlodge once again smell of fresh baked popcorn! In honor of their mother ,Irene Maricle, the Maricle family donated a new popcorn popper for Cloverlodge. They wanted to give back to the facility as a thank you for the kindness and care expressed the Irene as well as the whole Maricle family. […]

St. Edward, NE: Fabric Donations Are Turned Into Quilts

The ladies of Cloverlodge see their fabric donations put to good use. Unfortunately moving to a care facility often times means selling or giving away much of your belongings. A few of our ladies have donated yards and yards of fabric to a local church before they came to Cloverlodge. The church ladies in turn […]

St Edward, NE: Football Season Has Arrived!

Football season has arrived! The residents of Cloverlodge cheered on the St. Edward beavers on their opening game of the season vs. Hyannis. They did awesome for their first game of the season. Residents sat in the best seat in the house; under the shade tree! It was such as warm day for September. The […]

The Zoo Comes to Visit!

Is the Zoo too far to travel to? Why not bring it to you! That is exactly what the residents of Cloverlodge got to experience! They enjoyed many small animals including; a rabbit, African fox, ferret, parrot, baby alligator and even a baby kangaroo. After learning a few interesting facts about each one they all […]

St. Edward, NE: Cloverlodge Celebrates One Year Injury Free

Cloverlodge Care Center celebrates one year injury free! After a year of great teamwork Cloverlodge celebrated with lunch provided by the home office. Staff members visited with various Vetter Health Services employees as well as savored the delicious meal of steak, chicken, shrimp, potatoes, green beans, and cheesecake. Also presented a very generous monetary gift […]

St. Edward, NE: Cloverlodge Celebrates the 4th of July With a Family BBQ

The annual Family BBQ was a success! Family and friends of our residents helped celebrated the 4th of July. As family and friends gathered they enjoyed sherbet floats. Supper consisted of an excellent BBQ including hamburgers, brats, baked beans, and salads. Following supper they were entertained with great singing and guitar playing by Laura Schmitz […]

St. Edward, NE: 80’s

In celebration of Vetter Health Services 40 years in business; Cloverlodge continues the decade parties. Last week we celebrated the 80’s decade. As the 80’s hits played in the afternoon the residents enjoyed posing for 80’s themed picture, sipping on Orange Julius’s, and playing Pacman. After pacman they relaxed and ate fresh popcorn as Ferris […]

St. Edward, NE: Food the Farmer


It is that time of year; the farmers are hard at work getting the crops in the fields! Last week many of our residents that used to farm, who’s families now farm their ground, or if they rent their ground took lunch to the workers in the field. The residents enjoyed seeing their families, the […]

St. Edward, NE: An Irish Affair


Cloverlodge was the place to be on St. Patrick’s Day! Irish music filled the air while residents enjoyed Irish crafts in the morning and getting their fingernails painted green. The Irish music continued into the afternoon where residents enjoyed dancing and searching for the “pot of gold”. (A pot filled with gold Rolos and gold […]