This week we have celebrated our AMAZING Environmental Services Teams! Housekeep…

This week we have celebrated our AMAZING Environmental Services Teams! Housekeeping, Laundry and Maintenance you are the BEST! Not only are you exceptional at your work, each one of you bring tremendous love, joy, laughter and compassion to all of the patients and residents. Thank you for all you do, including the hundreds of daily […]

North Platte, NE: A Spark of Creativity

September 8-14 is the National Assisted Living Week celebration. It has been a busy and creative week for the everyone at Linden Estates. The 2019 theme is ‘A Spark of Creativity’. The celebration has been highlighted by our resident craft and hobby show. Items showcased included beautiful woodworking, elegant polished stone jewelry, crochet, crewel, plastic […]

Norfolk, NE: Residents Go Back to School with Special Art Class

  It’s back to school time! Even for our residents! Peggy Kathol, a retired art teacher, taught a watercolor painting class! The residents really enjoyed creating masterpieces! Quality Life-We will create a living environment that radiates love, peace, spiritual contentment, dignity and safety, while encouraging personal independence. Submitted by Trisha Thompson Heritage of Bel-Air, Norfolk, […]

Norfolk, NE: Team Members ‘Take Time to Care

Nine Heritage of Bel-Air team members underwent a recent “Take Time to Care” class. Take Time to Care is an interactive program to instruct and inspire team members to provide quality care for our residents. Class attendees learned more about how to make a difference, serve others, build relationships, value one another and enjoy life! […]

Vetter Health Services: Director’s of Nursing (DON) Conference

On August 13-15th, the Clinical Coordinators at VSL were honored to host the fine DON’s of our facilities. We covered many topics during our time together including special topics of PDPM, Risk Management, Survey Readiness/Management, Compassionate Accountability, and People Development. For the 3rd year, we invited 6 of our Quality Partners to come in and […]

Norfolk, NE: Team Member Celebrates 20 Years

Heritage of Bel-Air is blessed with much longevity among its team members. Recently, Ilene Arnold celebrated 20 years at the facility. Ilene works as a spa aide and is an incredible asset to the Bel-Air family. Excellent Teams: We will select and develop team members who radiate warmth, compassion and respect while skillfully performing their […]

Thank you Merrill Lynch for inviting us to participate in their 3rd annual Longe…

Thank you Merrill Lynch for inviting us to participate in their 3rd annual Longevity Symposium! #vslintheloop Source

Elkhorn, NE: When the Administrator is away….the team will decorate his office! Welcome ho…

When the Administrator is away….the team will decorate his office! Welcome home John! #VSLINTHELOOP Source

Lake City, IA: Out and About

Shady Oaks residents took advantage of the beautiful weather on Tuesday to go out for lunch at Village Inn in Fort Dodger. The sunny skies brighten the day while residents enjoyed the view out the windows, checking the progress of the soybean and corn crops. Village Inn, located on the north side of Fort Dodge, […]

Lake City, IA: Shady Oaks Shopping Spree

When Shady Oaks residents want to go shopping they do not have far to go! Lake City is lucky to have a Dollar General store on the west end of town, which is only a few blocks away from Shady Oaks. Recently a group of ladies had their shopping lists ready for the short trip […]

Norfolk, NE: Shucking Corn Brings Back Memories for Residents

Oh! The sweet taste of corn on the cob! Residents pitched in to shuck the leaves from corn on the cob at Heritage of Bel-Air. This activity brought back a lot of memories for the residents and they made quick work of the chore! Residents were then able to enjoy the fruits of their labor […]

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Hooper, NE: County Fair

The end of July and the first part of August brings in County Fair Time. Once again the residents of Hooper Care Center enjoyed making crafts, jelly, quilts and art projects to enter in the fair. The entries are topped off with a trip to the fair to see how they came out. Of course […]

Seward, NE: I am AVERY!

It started as a joke and turned into a very humorous event with t-shirts! Avery has set high standards for himself in doing his job efficiently and effectively while modeling for others. Avery is quick to answer call lights and one day a nurse jokingly said to Hope and Roman that Avery would have gotten […]

Papillion, NE: Painting the Town…

Last week volunteers gathered at the home of Mrs. King in North Omaha to participate in the 30th Anniversary of Brush-Up Nebraska. The team of volunteers, sponsored by Papillion Manor, spent two days working on Mrs. Kings home. On Wednesday 20 volunteers from Offutt Air Force Base’s 55th AMXS, led by TSgt Jacob Diley, spent […]

Norfolk, NE: Heritage of Bel-Air Goes Green

Heritage of Bel-Air is going green … quite literally! The facility’s new Green Fiber green recycling bin has been placed and bins set up throughout the facility to collect paper. Recycling is one of the easiest ways that we can reduce our carbon footprint. Did you know … Every ton of paper recycled can save […]

Hooper, NE: 2 Years Injury Free

Hooper Care Center made it 2 years injury free on July 18th 2019. HCC staff enjoyed a great meal prepared by VHS support staff on August 6, 2019. Around 38 staff were able to attend the celebration and enjoy visiting with home office staff. HCC has the best team around and it is always a […]

Hooper, NE: Happy Retirement Arnita

Hooper Care Center celebrated 27 years of service and retirement with team member Arnita Wolf on 8-13-2019. Arnita join the HCC family in the Life Enrichment department in May of 1992. Arnita also was a hair dresser for our resident prior to and during her time in the Life Enrichment department. Arnita enjoyed spending 1:1 […]

Seward, NE: Congratulations Hugh!

Congratulations to Hugh for his 65 years with the Exeter, Nebraska VFW! Hugh joined the Army and served in Korea from 1951-1953. Hugh was in the 3rd Division tank and field Artillery Unit where he fired a 105 mm. Hugh and his team had to travel for 16 days on a ship each way to […]

Seward, NE: Seward County Fair

August brings fair time to Seward. Many people know someone who is involved in the fair one way or the other. We are fortunate to take residents and explore memories of farming with old tractors, eating home made pie, good conversations and of course petting animals, or kissing them as the llama preferred. The llama […]

Seward, NE: Garden Beauty

We are so blessed and fortunate to have so many beautiful things in our lives. Have you ever stopped to think how many blessings we have in a day? Have you ever stopped, looked at God’s beauty and think we are thankful? Many people do not and yet some do. Our courtyard in Hummingbird was […]

Norfolk, NE: Team Member Recognized as Extraordinary

Melissa Anderson recently won the Be Extraordinary Award from Heritage of Bel-Air. Heritage of Bel-Air’s vision of quality care includes achieving extraordinary results through extraordinary team members. Melissa, who works as a dietary aide, was nominated by both team members and resident family members for her great teamwork, efficiency, cleanliness, “Yes I Can” attitude, and […]

Seward, NE: Welcome Back School Personnel

It’s that time of year where people are getting ready for school. On Friday Aug. 9, 2019 Ridgewood put on their second annual welcome back coffee and muffin drive through for school personnel. They were literally able to drive up, get their hot coffee in a Ridgewood travel mug and choose from three different muffin […]

Alliance, NE: Soaking More Than a Big Toe

We might as well form a swim team as our adventurous residents once again took to the Big Blue Bay during lap swim time. Soaking up rays, getting the hair wet and being the undeniable source of joy was their mission, and they accomplished that with no doubt. This event has proven to be so […]

Norfolk, NE: Sneak Day: Team Members Play Hookey for a Purpose

Several team members were selected and took part in Heritage of Bel-Air’s Sneak Day! Sneak Days is essentially a paid day to play hookey! But also designed for team members to bond with each other outside of the facility, learn something new and have some fun. For the first Sneak Day, team members loaded in […]

Lake City. IA: Summer Day Fun

Shady Oaks residents took advantage of the perfect July weather recently by going to Twin Lakes State Park for a picnic lunch. This park is located in the northern part of Calhoun County. The group traveled to Rockwell City first, touring the town and its downtown square. Then the bus made its way to the […]

National Root Beer Float Day! #vslintheloop

National Root Beer Float Day! #vslintheloop Source

Red Cloud, NE: 2019 Street Car Day’s Parade

Heritage of Red Cloud participated in the Street Car Day’s parade held in Red Cloud on August 3rd. The theme this year was “Farm to Table, Friend to Neighbor, Nebraska Strong”. Riding on the Heritage float known as the “Green Acres” family was Oliver, Lisa, Eb, Mr. Haney, Mr. Drucker, Ralph, and Mr. Ziffel. We […]

Norfolk, NE: Special Group Lifts Their Voice in Song For Residents

A group of Northeast Community College students came to lift their voices in joyful song recently. All of the students performing left their homes in Haiti and Malawi, to attend school in Norfolk. Many of the members of this group are Heritage of Bel-Air team members. Their performance included acapella spiritual tunes. Our residents enjoyed […]

Norfolk, NE: Heritage of Bel-Air Shows Appreciation With Pool Party

Heritage of Bel-Air is always looking for ways to show appreciation to its team members. And the annual pool party is one way to do just that. Team members and their families gathered at AquaVenture waterpark in Norfolk. Although the weather was unseasonably cool that evening, there was no shortage of fun. Participants were treated […]

Norfolk, NE: Residents Have Popping Good Time Making Treat

It was a popping good time but also a sticky situation for some as residents made popcorn balls. Life Enrichment mixed up the marshmallows and popcorn and gave each resident a scoop. From there, residents formed and rolled their own mixture into popcorn balls. Each popcorn ball was individually wrapped although some didn’t make it […]

Broken Bow, NE: Adventures at Victoria Springs State Recreation Area

The residents of Brookestone View had an exciting day at the Victoria Springs State Recreation Area located near Anselmo. We enjoyed a picnic lunch that included deli sandwiches, potato salad, and fresh watermelon. Residents enjoyed visiting and looking out at the ponds and greenery around the park. After lunch, residents enjoyed just relaxing and taking […]

Lander, WY: Picnic in the Sinks

This week has been filled with trips to the Sinks Canyon State Park to enjoy picnic lunch with friends from Westward Heights. Each day 10 residents traveled 10 miles to enjoy the beautiful mountain views, 80 degree weather (10 degrees cooler than town), and time with friends. It’s such a treat to enjoy the outdoor […]

Lincoln, NE: Intergenerational Program: SECC & IN2L

For the eighth (8th) consecutive year, Southlake Village Rehabilitation & Care Center has teamed with Southeast Community College for Intergenerational Programming. Southlake develops programming that mimic’s the Summer Camp’s Weekly Theme, with adaptations as needed. Utilizing It’s Never Too Late (IN2L) the residents and youth were able to identify items, both current and historical. There […]

Wahoo, NE: Residents Enjoy A Luau!

South Haven’s Memory Support residents recently enjoyed a Hawaiian Luau! They loved the Hawaiian music that Miguel played on the ukulele. The room was decorated for the occasion and leis were everywhere. A special meal of pork sandwiches, fresh fruit and decorated cupcakes was served. It was a festive, refreshing way to spend a hot […]

Each year we enjoy a wonderful group of Seminarians that come to Brookestone Mea…

Each year we enjoy a wonderful group of Seminarians that come to Brookestone Meadows as part of their community outreach program. This year, our group included Matt Koestler Diocese of Winona-Rochester, Kingsley Ohaeri Diocese of Austin, Peter Pham Diocese of Sioux City, William Mobly Diocese of Dallas and David Birkdale Archdiocese of New York. This […]

Red Cloud, NE: Pizza Hut Outing

Several Heritage of Red Cloud folks recently made a trip to the Pizza Hut at Smith Center, Kansas. Highlights of the trip included seeing a very full Republican River and the ripened wheat fields with some combines ready to cut. Quality Life: We will create a living environment that radiates love, peace, spiritual contentment, dignity […]

Norfolk, NE: Dietary Supervisor Celebrates 25 Years of Service

OJ Simpson was chased down the freeway in his White Ford Bronco. Figure Skater Tonya Harding attacked fellow skater Nancy Kerrigan. “Forrest Gump” hit the big screen. And Becky Dvorak started her career at Heritage of Bel-Air. The year was 1994. Much has changed in pop culture since then but at least one thing remains […]

Red Cloud, NE: Kevin and Heidi, Piano/Violin Duo, Popular Entertainers at Heritage of Red Cloud

Kevin and Heidi Cheng, Central City, minister through music are favorites of Heritage folks. Their piano and violin music program includes sacred, classical, popular, patriotic, bluegrass, and ragtime music. You can check out the Cheng’s piano, violin, concert, ministry on Facebook and join us for their next concert at Heritage of Red Cloud on Thursday, […]

Seward, NE: 50th Anniversary-Landing on the Moon!

If you were born in 1969, what were you doing when the moon landing happened? Some were too young to remember, some saw it on black and white TV and others may have even been there! Ridgewood celebrated with a week of fun. A moon quiz, moon snacks, throw back Thursday to 1969 and an […]

Seward, NE: Got your GOAT!!!

When you live in a farming community you get blessed with folks willing to share their goats for a visit. Residents enjoyed these two goats visiting throughout the building with the residents. It was great to see smiling faces when they were able to realize the noises that sounded like babies crying were actual goats. […]

Alliance, NE: Let’s Live a Little

“What If?” residents were given the opportunity to attend Heritage Days in Alliance – yes, it’s July and it’s hot, yes, it will happen after 5 pm, yes, it seems like a lot of work – BUT, the love demonstrated by these team members who see what they do not as a job but rather […]

Red Cloud, NE: Heritage of Red Cloud Celebrates Donuts with Dad & Muffins with Mom

For a second year in a row, the dads and the moms (and those who weren’t moms or dads) of Heritage invited family members to join them for donuts or muffins and socializing, and that is just what happened. Plans are being made for next year’s activity with more delicious donuts and yummy muffin orders […]

Red Cloud, NE: The Valley Child Development Center Monthly Visits Bring Smiles and Joy

It has been so nice and fun to be invited to do activities and have snacks with the three and four year old’s at the Red Cloud Valley Child Development Center. We look forward each month to going to see these young, precious people and sharing our time with them. Quality Life: We will create […]

Alliance, NE: Hangin’ with the Kids!

Greetings from western Nebraska! We had the best day yesterday! Our local Sher Bears pre-school walked 10 blocks to pay us a visit, and it was grand!! They ranged in age from 3 to 5 years of age. What a delight they were! They sang and danced their way into our hearts! They did songs […]

Hooper, NE: “Teaming Up” with the Football Team

Keeping with the new tradition the Logan View Football Team came to Hooper Care Center to “team up” with our residents. The event started with lunch and conversation, then progressed into the competition stage. Games of Corn Hole, Ring Toss, Skee Ball and Connect Four were tried by everyone. Cheering and laughter was heard all […]

Lake City, IA: Out for Lunch

Residents recently enjoyed a trip to Carroll to go out to eat at Pizza Ranch. It’s one of their favorite places to go for lunch. Everyone looks forward to not only the wide selection of pizza, but also the tasty broasted chicken. The buffet always offers something for everyone: mashed and broasted potatoes, gravy, hot […]

Red Cloud, NE: Heritage of Red Cloud Family Members Life Bingo!

Bingo is a popular activity with the residents who live at Heritage. It is no secret that their families come to Heritage to play too. We are so glad that they do! Recently, some great-grandchildren joined them for the bingo games and what a treat that was for all of us! Quality Life-We will create […]

Red Cloud, NE: Buttons Visits Heritage of Red Cloud

At Heritage, we love animals, especially dogs! Shannon Piel brought her little female dog, Buttons for a visit. Having pets visit, brings back many fond and happy memories. We look forward to their next visit! Quality Care-We will dedicate ourselves to provide personalized care and services that achieve extraordinary results and exceed the expectations of […]

Heritage of Red Cloud’s 4th of July Celebration

Heritage folks, family, and friends celebrated the 4th of July holiday in a big way! A large crowd was on hand to enjoy food, special dessert, and entertainment by Tim Javorsky, Man on the Prairie, Omaha. Patriotic decorations graced our home inside and out. Quality Reputation-We will be known for promoting relationships of trust, confidence […]

Wahoo, NE: Up, Up & Away

Hot Air Balloons. Do you know how they work? South Haven residents recently learned how they work and their history while watching a documentary. With many smiles and giggles, our residents performed an experiment to show what makes the balloon rise. They also made hot air balloons to hang in their windows. Quality Life: We […]

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