Iowa Falls, IA: Just To See You Smile

Residents have been blessed with cards, letters, and pictures from family, friends, and neighbors throughout this Pandemic to keep us all connected.

Life Enrichment Team wants everyone on the outside to enjoy the smiles of their loved ones as well, so an individual in-room photo shoot was done by willing participants. After printing their photo, we went back to show them and the smiles and laughter said it all. Each resident was given the opportunity to also sign a note card with a photo enclosed to put in the mail. All of this truly made their day (as well as ours). Wearing masks certainly makes it hard for residents to see staff smiling at them, so we can only imagine how difficult it is for you to recall a smile you haven’t seen in so long.

So today, we send you greetings of HELLO and a smile to make your day. A picture is worth a thousand words and something to be treasured.

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Submitted By:
Carol Lambert, Life Enrichment Coordinator

Heritage Care Center, Iowa Falls IA