Lake City, IA: A Ball in the Hall

Posted in: VSL Community News

Who needs a beach when a wide hallway will do? Residents turned out to have fun with a huge rainbow-colored beach ball. With some 50’s music in the background the stage was set for some entertaining exercise! Back and forth the ball went, sometimes with a foot kick or a tap and push of the hand. To add another dimension of challenge, questions were posed with each turn: “What is a springtime activity? If you were doing some spring shopping what would you be looking for? What would you take on a springtime picnic? What is your favorite color on this beach ball?” At the end of the activity everyone agreed that there is just something about playing around with a ball, especially one that is this big and colorful, that makes everyone smile!

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Submitted by Deb Jones, Life Enrichment Coordinator

Vetter Health Services, Lake City, Iowa