Norfolk, NE: Team Members Make Resident Birthday Special Amid Visitor Restrictions

Birthdays are a special time for residents at Heritage of Bel-Air. Due to visitor restrictions, one of our residents wasn’t able to celebrate with family and friends so her Bel-Air family pitched in!

Nursing Assistant Shelly Lauck made a cake for Mona and team members stopped by to tell her Happy Birthday and sing to her! Mona looked for the positive in the situation saying, “If everyone would make a list of all the positives and negatives of this virus situation, the positives would far exceed the negatives. We don’t have to worry about anything here. Everything is taken care of.”

Quality Life: We will create a living environment that radiates love, peace, spiritual contentment, dignity and safety, while encouraging personal independence.

Submitted By:
Trisha Benton, Public Relations Coordinator

Heritage of Bel-Air, Norfolk NE