Gering, NE: Injury Free Safety Celebration

Heritage Estates celebrated a huge accomplishment by surpassing 400,000 injury free employee work hours. Our company, Vetter Senior Living, recognizes all facilities attaining this lofty goal. A team from Home Office made the trip from Omaha to serve a meal to our staff. Steaks and chicken breasts were grilled for team members. They also provided side dishes and an assortment of specialty desserts. The celebration, complete with prizes and gifts, honors the outstanding efforts by Heritage Estates team members for working safe.

Employee injury free working hours are calculated instead of number of days. Calculating hours compensates for the size of each building and the number of team members at each facility. Larger buildings having more team members can attain the goal quicker, but they have more opportunity for injury because more staff are working each hour.

Heritage Estates will continue to focus on providing a safe environment for residents and staff. We appreciate the recognition, support and commitment from Home Office.

Excellent Teams We will select and develop team members who radiate warmth, compassion, and respect while skillfully performing their duties.

Submitted by Kim Johns, Community Relations Coordinator

Heritage Estates, Gering, Nebraska