Seward, NE: Believe in Love

Sixty-four years ago today on a cold, snow blowing, sleeting day these two wonderful folks said “I do”. Today even though it was cold outside you could feel the warmth and love John and Barbara share 64 years later. John had no idea when talking to me he was participating in a surprise for the two of them. He talked about duck and dumplings being their favorite meal, so that’s what they got! They will tell you they have had some struggles, but that it was mostly good times. It was great to be able to surprise them with their personal dining space, music, flowers from their family, and their favorite meal. We wish them even more years of happiness and love. Happy Anniversary John and Barbara you are an inspiration to us!

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Submitted by Lori Gressley, Life Enrichment Coordinator

Ridgewood Rehabilitation & Care Center, Seward, Nebraska