Lake City, IA: Dancing Duo Delights Shady Oaks Audience

Dancing partners Dale Baker of Carroll, Iowa and Barb Wentink of Lincoln, Nebraska kicked up their heels in a half-an-hour performance one afternoon recently in the Shady Oaks main dining room. Residents who gathered to watch were mesmerized by the couple’s dancing talents. It was immediately apparent that Dale and Barb had been dancing together for many years; their ease and perfectly synchronized moves easily demonstrated this fact. Also, their perfectly coordinated green outfits complimented each other beautifully. It was especially fun to watch as Dale cut quite a figure guiding Barb across the dance floor and as Barb’s green, pleated skirt twirled outward during her spins.
Following a varied selection of CD music from bands that Dale has performed with, they demonstrated the following dance routines: waltzing to “The Wild Flower Waltz” and “Now Is The Hour,” doing the Jitterbug to “I Get the Blues When It Rains” and “Pepperoni,” and doing the polka to “The Pee Wee Polka” and “Jeffery’s Polka.” Many residents reminisced right along with Dale and Barb, remembering past days when going to the dance halls was the most popular form of entertainment for couples.
Even though Dale and Barb keep very busy visiting many retirement and nursing home communities within a 13 county area, folks at Shady Oaks are eager to have them return to Lake City to showcase their dancing talents again. The clapping and smiles of the audience were a clear reminder to all who attended that music and dancing was and still is a favorite pastime of many. As resident Esther H. commented, “The dancers were wonderful!” You could tell that they had danced together for a long time. It reminded me of when I went dancing at the Lakewood Ballroom in Lake View every Thursday night. It was just the kind of dancing Dale and Barb did, like the Jitterbug.”

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Submitted by Deb Jones, Life Enrichment Coordinator

Vetter Health Services, Lake City, Iowa