Norfolk, NE: Housekeeping Team Member Earns CNA

Penny Ruge is beloved by many of our residents at Heritage of Bel-Air. And the feeling is mutual!

Penny had worked at Bel-Air for a year in the housekeeping department before she went back to school to obtain her Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) credentials. Last May, she started night classes and continued to work full-time in housekeeping.

She said the decision to become a CNA was simply because she wanted to spend more time with the residents. (She’s pictured with Mid). Penny now works full-time as a CNA and spends the majority of her time helping residents with spas.

Excellent Teams: We will select and develop team members who radiate warmth, compassion and respect while skillfully performing their duties.

Submitted By:
Trisha Thompson, Public Relations Coordinator

Heritage of Bel-Air, Norfolk NE