Lake City, IA: Shady Oaks Shopping Spree

When Shady Oaks residents want to go shopping they do not have far to go! Lake City is lucky to have a Dollar General store on the west end of town, which is only a few blocks away from Shady Oaks. Recently a group of ladies had their shopping lists ready for the short trip to their favorite store. This particular store has many attributes that make the shopping experience a pleasant one: wide aisles, good lighting, friendly and helpful staff, and lots of merchandise to look at and choose from. The greeting card section is always a favorite spot, although typically everyone travels up and down all of the aisles to see as much of the store as possible. Whether it’s looking for a favorite snack, toiletries, clothing items, décor, or a special gift, everyone usually finds what they need. During this recent trip, which took place in August, the fall décor items were already on the shelves, so folks were able to see what was available and begin thinking ahead to the upcoming season. Resident Donna H. found a happy scarecrow to cuddle and she commented, “Isn’t this a cute decoration! It’s hard to believe that fall is coming up, just right around the corner!”

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Submitted By:
Deb Jones, Life Enrichment Coordinator
Shady Oaks, Lake City IA