Lake City, IA: Out and About

Shady Oaks residents took advantage of the beautiful weather on Tuesday to go out for lunch at Village Inn in Fort Dodger. The sunny skies brighten the day while residents enjoyed the view out the windows, checking the progress of the soybean and corn crops. Village Inn, located on the north side of Fort Dodge, is a very comfortable and spacious restaurant. Everyone had an easy time picking some delectable entrees for lunch: reubens with fresh side salad, battered fried fish and onion rings, hamburger with fries, and cheese soup with ham & cheese sandwiches. Of course folks left room for dessert since Village Inn is known for its tasty pies. Cherry, banana cream, and caramel apple were some of the top picks to pair with hot cup of “the real deal” coffee. After a very satisfying lunch everyone boarded the bus again to head over to the Family Bowling Center on the east side of Fort Dodge. Since the bus driver grew up in Fort Dodge it was easy to tour some of the residential streets, admiring many lovely homes and yards along the way. The Fort Dodge High School and Middle School were also along the route. Everyone couldn’t help but think of all the many youth that would be frequenting the school grounds in just a few weeks.
The Family Bowling Center staff were very welcoming and helpful to the residents. In no time at all two lanes were set up to accommodate the two three member teams. Two residents were the “cheerleaders” as they sat and encouraged the bowlers. Frame by frame the excitement built as bowlers aimed their balls down the lanes. “Would it be a split?” “Pick up that spare!” “Way to go on that Strike!” Each bowler was always surprised to see which way the ball was going to go and how many pins would fall. The competition was a friendly one and full of exclamations and laughter. The ending scores were 282 and 275, so the teams were pretty evenly matched! Everyone agreed that the bowling was fun and good form of exercise.
By the end of the afternoon everyone was ready to board the bus for the drive back to Shady Oaks. Again, the views were great along a different route home. South Twin Lakes was a picturesque sight with the blue sky and puffy clouds reflected in the calm waters. The crops looked lush and green too, after the recent rain. Resident Donna Hamilton’s comments summed up the trip very well, “I’m glad that I had the chance to get out and go. I was able to see some places that I’d never seen before and I really enjoyed that!”

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Submitted By:
Deb Jones, Life Enrichment Coordinator

Shady Oaks, Lake City IA