Lake City. IA: Summer Day Fun

Shady Oaks residents took advantage of the perfect July weather recently by going to Twin Lakes State Park for a picnic lunch. This park is located in the northern part of Calhoun County. The group traveled to Rockwell City first, touring the town and its downtown square. Then the bus made its way to the state park driving around the lake so that the residents could see and admire all of the many beautiful homes built near the lake. There are many amenities at the park. It was easy to find a picturesque spot near the water for the picnic. Residents gathered around two tables for a traditional picnic lunch of sub sandwiches, chips, cookies, and pop. Family members of two Shady Oaks residents stopped by and joined the picnic, which was a special surprise. Everyone enjoyed the meal, the weather and admiring the water. There were lots to watch while eating because several boats were going by on the lake. Children were swimming and playing in the sand piles nearby, and a flock of geese had congregated by the water. Everyone agreed that the picnic was success and a wonderful way to enjoy a beautiful summer day!

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Submitted by Deb Jones, Life Enrichment Coordinator

Vetter Health Services, Lake City, Iowa