Hooper, NE: “Teaming Up” with the Football Team

Keeping with the new tradition the Logan View Football Team came to Hooper Care Center to “team up” with our residents. The event started with lunch and conversation, then progressed into the competition stage. Games of Corn Hole, Ring Toss, Skee Ball and Connect Four were tried by everyone. Cheering and laughter was heard all through the dining room. ( way to hot to play outside) Hooper Care Center’s team consisted of a retired football, wrestling coach and a former Nebraska Husker, but our most competitive individuals are our ladies! I think the boys were amazed at the level of competition our residents have. It’s always a great time when the boys come and see us, and as the boys were leaving you could here the residents telling them to come back any time for some more competition.

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Submitted by Diane Villwok, RN Administrator

Hooper Care Center, Hooper, NE