Lake City, IA: Let’s Go to the Drive-In!

Residents celebrated the start of warmer weather with a trip to the local drive-in for lunch. The Lake City drive-in is conveniently located just a few blocks away from Shady Oaks. Residents, staff, and a few volunteers boarded the Shady Oaks bus and traveled just a couple of minutes east to the mid-day destination. By arriving when the drive-in opened at 11:00 a.m. the noon rush was avoided. Also, the meal orders were called in ahead of time so the food was hot and ready to be served when the Shady Oaks group arrived. Drive-in fare was enjoyed by all: hamburgers, tenderloins, cheeseburgers, fries, shrimp baskets, shakes, among several other favorites from the menu. The friendly service at the drive-in was a delight, and the residents welcomed the hellos and conversation from the other customers as well!

Quality Life-We will create a living environment that radiates love, peace, spiritual contentment, dignity and safety, while encouraging personal independence.

Submitted by Deb Jones, Life Enrichment Coordinator

Shady Oaks Care Center, Lake City, Iowa