Lake City, IA: A Summer Time Outing

A recent trip to Culver’s in Carroll provided a welcome opportunity to get out and enjoy a meal with friends. The Shady Oaks group was fairly large, with seven residents, two volunteers, and two staff members boarding the bus to travel the distance from Lake City south to Carroll. Everyone was able to enjoy the scenery on the ride, noticing the condition and size of the crops in the fields, among many other things. Culver’s is a favorite lunchtime destination so the Shady Oaks group arrived early to be ahead of the noontime crowd. Besides the popular Culver’s Butter burgers and fries, residents ordered and enjoyed shrimp baskets and reubens as well. Part of the dining experience at Culver’s was not only savoring the tasty food in a comfortable setting, but also visiting with fellow tablemates and watching the other diners come and go in the restaurant. With Culver’s location next to the main highway in town, there was plenty of busy traffic to watch passing by on the street and going through the drive-through at Culver’s. After a pleasant lunch it was time to board the bus again with a second destination in mind: Swan Lake! Swan Lake State Park is located a short distance southeast of Carroll. The bus made its way around the park during a 45-minute ride so the passengers could take in all the sights: the many campers set up in the campgrounds in two different locations, people fishing and biking on the bike trail, the shelter houses and benches for viewing, and all the variety of trees, the wildlife and their habitats, and the glistening water in the size-able lake. The vistas were constantly changing as the bus made its way around the park and conversation continued as folks commented about what new sights came into view. The most thrilling sight was when a few swans were noticed! At the end of the trip, with sated appetites and satisfied wishes to see some new sights, everyone was ready to head back north to Shady Oaks, to share the news of their successful outing for the day.

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Submitted by Deb Jones, Life Enrichment Coordinator

Vetter Health Services, Lake City, Iowa