Garnett, KS: A Night to Celebrate

We held our 2nd annual Night of Celebration for our lovely women residents and their daughters, sisters, mothers and friends. The preparations started early that day with extra help in the beauty shop to pamper all the ladies. Sharon and the kitchen staff prepared a lovely meal with homemade cherry and strawberry rhubarb pies for dessert.
The funnest part of the whole evening is when they get their gifts.
Each year the employees will draw names for each of our ladies and the fun starts with the excitement and chatter of figuring out the perfect gift for the lady they had drawn. It’s such a nice surprise for them and great fun for us!
It’s the memories made that night that linger with family, friends and employees for quite some time.

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Submitted By:
Carol Barnes, People Development Coordinator

Parkview Heights, Garnett KS