Springfield, MO: The Donut Challenge

So…..how many donuts did you eat on National Donut Day? Do you always buy donuts at the same place? Are you bored with the same old donut?
All of these questions were answered at the Girlfriend’s Gathering Event at Creekside! The Ladies’ Group celebrated the National Day of Donuts by participating in a taste- test challenge. Some of the hot spots to purchase donuts in Springfield were put to the test of which “glazed donut” met their standards of quality and taste. It is no surprise that there was a room full of willing participants!
Some of the top standards they used to judge the donuts by were moisture, sweetness, and texture. The ladies knew which bakery the donuts came from and even though the price varied widely it was not considered in their judgement.
The first place winner happened to be unanimous. Interestingly enough it was the least expensive and from a local convenience/gas station store rather than from an actual bakery that has national appeal and advertising.
Conclusion: Sometimes the best things in life are simple and inexpensive!!!
The ladies also enjoyed a history lesson about National Donut Day. They learned that the day was created back in 1938 in Chicago by the Salvation Army to honor their volunteers and the “Donut Dollies” who served them to soldiers during World War I. These ladies actually traveled overseas to set-up “canteens/food huts” located in abandoned buildings near the front lines where they could serve baked goods.
Second conclusion from the event: There is nothing better than comfort food, and the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

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Submitted By:
Layla Mainord, Life Enrichment Assisant

Creekside at Elfindale, Springfield MO