Gering, NE: Quack, Quack, The Duck is Back!

For the fourth straight year, a savvy female duck began building a nest in the outdoor courtyard on the Spruce and Cedar neighborhood. We speculate it is the same mother hen as she has chosen the same neighborhood and the same spot (located under the picnic table) to build her nest each year. This momma duck found the perfect location to raise her young. The courtyard is free of the natural predators most ducks fear. Also, the watchful eyes of residents and team members at Heritage Estates provide an extra layer of security!

The hen diligently “sat” on her eggs for approximately 28 days. Eventually, with the residents standing vigil, one by one, each little duckling pecked its way out of the egg. In a very short while, to the resident’s delight, the ducklings could be seen swimming with their mother in the courtyard pond.

With the normal life expectancy of a duck in the wild being between 5 and 10 years, it will be interesting to see how many years “our duck” will return to this location to build her nest. Typically, if a duck raised a successful nest the previous year, she returns to the place where she nested before. It is evident, our duck, considers Heritage Estates her “nest home”!

We will enjoy watching these little ducklings grow into mature birds and will anticipate the momma’s arrival again next year.

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Submitted By:
Kim Johns, Community Relations Coordinator

Heritage Estates, Gering NE