Lake City, IA: Springtime Outing

It’s May and time for a bus trip to the greenhouse at Menard’s in Fort Dodge to pick out flowers for the planters at Shady Oaks. Several residents, volunteers, and staff enjoyed this outing recently. There was a bonanza of flowers to see and admire, along with many other greenhouse plants for the home. Menard’s also had a wide selection of yard and garden ornaments to look at too. Yellow, orange, and variegated marigolds; purple, variegated, and wave petunias; geraniums; and sweet potato vines were all selections that everyone agreed would do well in the sun and bloom for a long time all summer. After spending quite a bit of time at Menard’s the group traveled to Village Inn on the north side of Fort Dodge for a delicious lunch. The trip was a wonderful springtime outing!

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Submitted By:
Deb Jones, Life Enrichment Coordinator

Shady Oaks Care Center, Lake City IA