Springfield, MO: World Class Jazz Night

We truly enjoy such a calendar full of events that includes education, fun, art, laughter, engagement and smiles. Our Annual Jazz Night meets the expectation in many ways.

Our team of Chefs and supportive Dining Team created a meal that is still being discussed. A few noted items on the menu were: Wild Mushroom & Thyme Soup, Pureed Carrot and Asparagus, Lobster Tail & Tenderloin, and finished with glorious Key Lime Pie.

The tables were lined with black table clothes, purple napkins and a single light purple rose.

Our musical guests created a wonderful atmosphere for visiting with friends and then joining to dance some of the night away. You could find many guests singing along with our talented soloist in the band.

One guest shared, “World Class at it’s best, the food, music, décor and service. I’m so glad I move here.”

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Submitted by Kevin Rusenstrom, Executive Director

Creekside at Elfindale, Springfield, MO