The smell of freshly baked goods lingered at Heritage Care Center as residents were creating dog-gone delicious dog treats to celebrate National Dog Month.

Dogs are used many times as therapy for residents, and it was only fitting to treat them with some home-made treats! We made 42 peanut butter cookies and 64 peanut butter mini-treats and 172 cinnamon-apple chucks. These were then put into snack bags and delivered to Ackley Vet Clinic, Eldora Vet Clinic, Heather Thiesen Grooming (Iowa Falls), Miller’s Dog Boarding (Iowa Falls), and Donna’s Dog Grooming & Boarding (Iowa Falls/Owasa) in appreciation for the dog services they provide to our community.

Life Enrichment strives to create memories and moments for our residents. It is important to us to not only have pet therapy, but to incorporate our occupational therapy department, social development, and cognitive development as well. We are blessed to have Teddy as our daily visitor (thanks to our Life Enrichment Coordinator) and Fritz (a regular visitor) and other family & friends with pets who come to visit as well.

We hope our area dogs and their owners know how much they are loved and appreciated. The treats are on us !

Quality Reputation: We will be known for promoting relationships of trust, confidence and loyalty through the quality of our services, the honesty of our people and involvement in our community.

Submitted By:
Carol Lambert, Life Enrichment Coordinator

Heritage Care Center, Iowa Falls IA