Alliance, NE: Going The Extra 26.2 Miles

Melanie Sterkel is a therapist here at Highland Park Care Center who not only dishes it out, she takes it – upon herself. Her idea of physical therapy fun is to run, and like Forrest Gump, sometimes she doesn’t know when to stop.
Last fall she ran a full marathon, the Leading Ladies’ marathon in Spearfish, South Dakota, which primed her to consider using that time of 3 hours and 35 minutes for a qualifying time to enter the famous Boston Marathon. Now that endeavor is upon her. After months of lacing up the running shoes and pushing herself to better and better fitness, she leaves this weekend for Monday’s race.
Such a feat shouldn’t go unnoticed so many of her team members dressed in their best running attire and offered encouragement worthy of a runner’s high. The building, team members and residents were decorated with re-creations of the number bib runners wear during the race; Mel’s actual race number of 19508 was of course front and center. Mel was also offered a “lift” to allow her a little pre-race relaxation.
When Melanie was asked what her goal is for this race, she laughed and said, “Finish.” Then she thought a better goal is to beat her 3’35” earlier marathon time, but more importantly, she wants to be done for the 8 p.m. dinner reservation for a seafood restaurant on the harbor. We are confident she will earn that meal!

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Submitted By:
Brian Stephenson, Maintenance Director

Highland Park Care Center, Alliance NE