Southlake Village: Nebraska Strong Fundraising – Supporting Those Affected by the Flood

The Southlake Village Rehabilitation and Care Center family came together to support those affected by the flood through two fundraisers. The first being a free will donation during our St. Patrick’s Day Rueben Feast, raising over $200 for first responders bringing water and other supplies to Northeast Nebraska. During the week of March 25-29th a raffle was held raising $1500. With a total of $1700 raised and money going to the group of first responders, the Vetter Foundation – Convoy of Hope and to a sister community who’s team members were affected by the flood. We are so thankful to our team members, vendors, residents and their families for their generosity. Together we can make a difference!

Quality Reputation-We will be known for promoting relationships of trust, confidence and loyalty through the quality of our services,the honesty of our people and involvement in our community.

Submitted by Jen Wolf-Wubbels, Public Relations Coordinator

Southlake Village Rehabilitation and Care Center, Lincoln, NE