Iowa Falls, IA: Whiter & Brighter

With all the duties a woman has to do, what task is usually done one day a week (on Mondays) and sometimes took the entire day, involves sorting by color, and involves at least 10 items? Have you guessed it? LAUNDRY DAY!!

We recently had a Ladies Day and talked about laundry. We learned many washed bedding first, and washed clothing in an order from light colors to dark colors. Reminiscing of how laundry used to be done compared to now was a learning experience. It was very educational of how laundry detergent was homemade and involved a trip to the local meat locker for lard. When you are travelling a plunger and a bucket made for a washing machine. We talked about types of clothes pins used, how they hang items out to dry (by the pant legs or the waist, by the shoulders or shirt tails, hang towels individual or double up). Did you hang them outside during the winter or hang them in the house? The women helped fold lots of laundry, which included matching socks, baby clothes, button shirts, pants, wash cloths, and towels. It was interesting to see how it was done differently by each person.

This activity was followed by an outreach project for Hope Ministries in Des Moines. We created individual laundry packs which had a laundry pod and a dryer sheet in each bag for residents who are staying at the homeless shelter or part of a recovery program for men, women, and children.

Everyone is a blessing to us, and we pray that our little labor of love project will bless the lives of others.

Stewardship-We will be responsible stewards of our resources to serve our residents, ensure the long-term financial stability of the company, reinvest in our people and facilities, and pursue growth opportunities.

Create in me a clean heart , O God (Psalm 51:7).

Submitted by Carol Lambert, Life Enrichment Coordinator

Heritage Care Center, Iowa Falls, Iowa