Wahoo, NE: Teaming Up For The Iditarod

As Alaska’s Iditarod race kicked off, we kicked off a race of our own! Each neighborhood’s staff and residents worked as a team to face the daily challenges. They kept in mind they’d be “traveling through the Alaskan terrain for 938 miles over a span of 15 days”. Challenge one was to build a sled that could carry them through. Challenge two was to name all sixteen of their dogs and create a collar. Challenge three was to go on a scavenger hunt through the facility to find items that would keep them warm during their travels (such as hat, boots, coveralls, lantern, gloves, and a fire). The week ended with a finale where they shared all that they created and found, as well as choosing a Musher to tell the story of their great race. Boy, did they get creative with their story telling! Our panel of judges had a hard time choosing a winner! Thirty-one residents and many staff attended the finale on Friday. Everyone had the opportunity to add a hand to the creations throughout the week!

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Submitted by Marcia Frahm, Guest Relations

South Haven Living Center, Wahoo, NE