Springfield, MO: Do You Like Green Eggs and Ham?

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If you live at Creekside then you will have some fun with things that relate to Dr. Seuss at least once a year. The latest adventure was “egg, art, and science” inspired. The event began with a delicious snack of Green Eggs and Ham Crescent Pockets. Next, the “eggs of sound” competition began. Each table tried to solve the mystery of the contents of a dozen green plastic eggs. They did this by shaking them trying to decide between contents such as coins, rice, dice, beans, cotton balls and more! Next, Community Members made a mixture of green slime that if you squeezed it became a solid, and if you released it, then it changed back into liquid. This slime was part of a Dr. Seuss story in which a town was covered in a similar substance as it fell from the sky. It was messy, slimy fun and they all mixed their own!! After that, they each drew a “group guided” portrait of Cat in the Hat. The pictures were hung and an Art Gallery Wall was created in the sunroom. The grand finale’ was DJ, the Life Enrichment Director, walking barefoot across cartons of raw eggs! The entire event was EGGS-cellent!

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Submitted by DJ Musgrave, Cottage Life Enrichment Coordinator

Creekside at Elfindale, Springfield, MO