Lincoln, NE: Sumner Place Receives Donation for Music & Memory Program

Music & Memory Donation
Each year First Presbyterian Church puts together a dessert concert and charity fundraiser for a non-profit organization of their choice. Sumner Place is honored that this year they chose our facility. When they reached out to us to see what they could support, our Music & Memory program seemed very fitting. All songs performed at the concert were songs that had a “musical memory” theme to them. Speakers at the event include our Life Enrichment Coordinator, Monika Gall, as well as Mollie George from the Alzheimer’s Association. Special guests included Jackie Allen, jazz vocalist; Hans Sturm, bass; Tom Larson, piano. Conductor of the event, Dr. Brian Pfoltner presented Sumner Place with a very generous donation. All proceeds will go towards iPods, headphones and music for our Music & Memory program.

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Submitted By:
Megan Herter, Admissions & Public Relations Coordinator

Sumner Place Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation, Lincoln NE