Norfolk, NE: Turtles, Alligators And Snakes Oh My!

Heritage of Bel-Air residents were able to see reptiles up close with an informative and entertaining show by Real Reptiles in Norfolk. Will Abler of Norfolk, owner of Real Reptiles, stopped by Heritage of Bel-Air recently to show off many of the reptiles in his care.

One of the animals Will displayed was a 20-year-old albino Burmese python named Gordy. Gordy is about 40 pounds and eight feet long and a crowd favorite as it wrapped around Will’s body as he was talking.

Residents also got a good view of Steve, an American alligator, a tortoise named Scooter and a gecko.

One of the main purposes of Will’s business is to show people the realities of reptiles, he said. He cares for about a dozen reptiles in his home and most are rescued animals. 

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Heritage of Bel-Air, Norfolk, NE