Seward, NE: The Fun of Carpet Cleaning

Everyone likes to feel appreciated and useful. At Ridgewood Scott Nitz displayed his care and compassion with Doris. Doris is spunky, on the go and has talked about the man that runs the big machine. On Thursday Feb. 7, 2019, Doris wanted to help clean carpets and she was not intimidated by the big blue machine. So, Scott with his positive “Yes I can” attitude took the time to let Doris help him. Doris would not stop until she got the entire hallway cleaned because she is one that finishes what she starts. She was smiling and enjoying every minute of her work. This is one way Scott shows his quality of care at Ridgewood.

Quality Care: We will dedicate ourselves to provide personalized care and services that achieve extraordinary results and exceed the expectations of those we serve.

Submitted By:
Lori Gressley, Life Enrichment Coordinator

Ridgewood Rehabilitation & Care Center, Seward NE