Lincoln, NE: Sumner Place Takes a Trip to Lithuania

Monika Gall, Life Enrichment Coordinator at Sumner Place, was born and raised in Lithuania. Monika and her family lived right on the Baltic Sea. She has lived in the United States for 16 years now. This week Monika took through Lithuanian history. We watched a video and then she told us some facts about Lithuania and even taught us some of the Lithuanian language. Did you know that their language in one of the oldest in the world? We also compared Nebraska to Lithuania – both are similar in population, both have flat land and Lithuania is in the middle of Europe whereas Nebraska is in the middle of the United States. Another fun fact about Lithuania is that it has one of the fastest internet connections in the world, with WiFi hotspots all over, including streets and parks. Monika also brought us some books and amber jewelry from Lithuania. Residents, family members and team members really enjoyed learning about where Monika came from. Thank you, Monika, for sharing!

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Submitted By:
Megan Herter, Admissions & Public Relations Coordinator

Sumner Place Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation, Lincoln NE