Lake City, NE: Checkers Connects Friends

“King me!” That’s an expression that is heard more often nowadays since Life Enrichment has discovered two residents who really like to play checkers. Life Enrichment Assistant Deb Zenor has realized that she needs more practice in order to beat either David A. or James M. Both fellows have a quiet, unassuming strategy and are kind enough to point out when Deb should make a strategic move for her best interests. But, even with the extra help, usually Deb finds herself down several checkers well before the mid-point of the game! During each game, back and forth the moves go with both participants concentrating intently on sliding his or her game pieces into winning positions. It is always a friendly competition. Sometimes obvious moves slip by and before too long the ‘writing is on the wall.’ Deb has to concede that it is only a matter of time before David or James takes her last piece! With a brief smile and a twinkle in the eye, David or James let Deb know that being a gracious winner is part of a good game. And always, as it is between competitors who enjoy each other’s company, plans are made for the next go-around at a friendly game of checkers.

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Submitted By:

Deb Jones, Life Enrichment Corrdinator

Shady Oaks Care Center, Lake City IA