Elkhorn, NE: Katie’s Angels

Katie has been part of the Brookestone Meadows family for over 8 years. Three years ago on a quiet rainy day, she and her husband were walking around Brookestone when a damp crumpled piece of paper caught her eye. The paper was a picture of the Divine Mercy.

She had never thought to draw an angel before and this piece of paper spoke to her, so she began to draw.
Each angel is special with a unique face. The colors are inspired from the sky, ocean, and flowers. Katie feels each one is beautiful and comes from Jesus. When she is drawing, she feels comfortable, peaceful, happy, and a stronger closer relationship to God.

Katie frequently blesses team members and our O.W.L.S. Nest with her hand drawn pictures of angels. Each one comes from her heart and is in a beautiful frame.

We love Katie and are confident that she is an angel that walks among us.

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