Norfolk, NE: Holiday Bake Sale Proceeds Goes Toward Local Agency

Peanut clusters. Fudge. Frosted sugar cookies. Cream cheese mints. It’s a bunch of yum rolled into a holiday bake sale at Heritage of Bel-Air.

With the help of Vetter match, Heritage raised a total of $446 from the bake sale. Team members voted to donate the proceeds to The Briggs & Barrett Project, an agency that educates parents on how to put their infants to sleep on their backs to reduce the risk of SIDS. This program provided by The Briggs and Barrett Project was started by two area mothers, Melissa West and Allison Uecker, in memory of their sons, Briggs and Barrett, who both died of SIDS.

Heritage of Bel-Air has a healthy tradition of giving back to its community. The bake sale was just another example of the benevolent mindset of Heritage of Bel-Air team members.

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Submitted By:
Trisha Thompson, Public Relations Coordinator

Heritage of Bel-Air, Norfolk NE