Springfield, MO: Creekside Celebrates the Season with 5th Annual Reindeer Games

For the last five years, Creekside has celebrated Christmas with “Reindeer Games.” This is a time where team members compete in games and interact in a relaxed atmosphere with community members. This year’s festivities included a “snowball fight” (keeping white balloons in the air as long as possible); creating snowmen out of people; and team members who performed Creekside’s version of “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” The afternoon ended with Santa Claus reading “Creekside’s Night Before Christmas.” These are the moments we love: times of laughter, community, and making memories. Merry Christmas from all of us at Creekside!

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Submitted By:

Bethany Burrows, Life Enrichment Coordinator

Creekside at Elfindale, Springfield MO