When Caregivers Need a Hand – Vetter Teams Respond

Less than a month ago three skilled nursing facilities in Paradise, California were destroyed by the massive wildfire known as the ‘Camp Fire’.

Imagine evacuating residents from your facility and at the same time knowing your own home is burning to the ground. Thanks to the selfless commitment of those team members, residents were evacuated to safety.  Unfortunately, the majority of them lost their homes. The call went out for Vetter Senior Living team members (all 3,858) to give just $1 each to help the Paradise Valley caregivers, and team members answered!

Thanks to the generosity of the Vetter Family, $5000 will be donated to California Caregivers who lost their homes.

The need for support is ongoing. The California Association of Health Facilities has a webpage with more information on how individuals can donate.

From the individuals we serve every day in our communities, to caregivers we may never meet, Vetter Senior Living is Family Serving Family.