Loup City, NE: Christmas Shopping At Home

Christmas Shopping!  The words that ring in our ears and are heard annually. They may not be listed as our favorites.  At Rose Lane Home the shopping is brought to our residents.  Smiles of joy instantly appear. Thanks to the tremendous generosity of the School of Rock Home school program, everyone had the opportunity to go shopping for loved ones, friends and themselves. Upon entering “the store” every resident is gifted with spending “cash”. All items are the same price so the shopping begins! What to choose?! Sweaters, pajamas, aftershave, lotions, pictures, decorations, books, puzzles, and so much more! Once the shoppers have finished, they are greeted at the “checkout” with offers to wrap their gifts for family and friends. What a blessing to live in a community who cares! These shoppers had a great time! Not only was shopping on the to-do list for the day, a Birthday Party for Jesus was included.  Songs, games and fun times for all. Thank you School of Rock and all those who shared their time and lives with us for the day!

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Submitted by Janelle Cahoj

Rose Lane Home, Loup City, NE