Nolfolk, NE: Would you like a free slice of pie with that?

The best advertising is word of mouth! That’s why Heritage of Bel-Air focuses on promoting its facility with involvement in the community. And sugar helps, too! 

Administrator Katie Frederick and Public Relations Coordinator Trisha Thompson spent several hours at a local restaurant, The Granary, doing just that – promoting Heritage of Bel-Air through free slices of pie! Over a busy lunch hour, brief conversation and free slices of pie were exchanged to dining seniors at each table. A special gift was given to each waitress as well. 

Overall, 99 free slices of pie were delivered. Leaving people with a full belly and a smile is the nicest way to let people know that Heritage of Bel-Air cares!

Stewardship:  We will be responsible stewards of our resources to serve our residents, ensure the long-term financial stability of the company, reinvest in our people and facilities, and pursue growth opportunities.

Submitted By:

Trisha Thompson, Public Relations Coordinator

Heritage of Bel-Air, Norfolk NE