Hooper, NE: Up Up and Away

The Dreamweaver Foundation once again came through providing the ability for our resident Mary Ann to fly among the clouds. Mary Ann has always wanted to take a ride in a hot air balloon. With the help of Life Enrichment coordinator Tammy and the Dreamweaver Foundation, Mary Ann was able to fly with the birds. This was quite a process as Mother Nature was not cooperating as well as was hoped, but thanks to Tammy for being flexible and helping make this dream come true at the last minute! When the wind was just right the call was made and everyone involved hurried. Dream Weavers also provided a picnic lunch for Mary Ann and her family. Mary Ann’s husband, children and grand-children were also able to take a ride in the balloon. Thank you to the team at Hooper Care Center and Dreamweaver Foundation for showing the sky’s the limit when it comes to making dreams come true!

Quality Life:  We will create a living environment that radiates love, peace, spiritual contentment, dignity and safety, while encouraging personal independence.

Submitted By:

Diane Villwok, RN Administrator

Hooper Care Center, Hooper NE