Broken Bow, NE: Oktoberfest at Brookestone View

Residents of Brookestone View enjoyed an entire day of Oktoberfest festivities! The day began with taking a trip to Germany on the iN2L system. Through the in2L residents were able to learn more about Oktoberfest and take a virtual tour through Germany and see the sights. Lunch was provided by our excellent dietary team members who created an authentic breakfast, lunch, and supper of popular German dishes, including homemade pastries. Residents were also able to enjoy cowboy beer mugs full of root beer and Dan the Wiser beer from Broken Bow’s home Kinkaider Brewing Company. In the afternoon our cook Helen Ohme along with her husband and friend gave residents a presentation on their trip to Germany. During the presentation residents were able to look at pictures from their trip, listen and watch the cuckoo clocks, and check out various German keepsakes. There were also two little surprise visitors that were dressed up as German and American friends. The day ended with cards, pretzels, and more beer!

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Submitted By:

Maria Pickering, Life Enrichment Coordinator

Brookestone View, Broken Bow NE