Springfield, MO: Creekside Creates Hope for Victims of Hurricane Florence

Creekside community members are passionate about giving back to their community. They are always asking and looking for opportunities to give to those less fortunate. One of the ways we give back is partnering with Convoy of Hope (an international relief and development organization based out of Springfield). Recently they have been collecting hygiene kits (bags including soap, shampoo, toothpaste,etc) for victims of Hurricane Florence. Creekside received items to create several of these kits: so, we had a packing party! Within half an hour, our community members had made 36 of them. These kits are now on their way to the East Coast, where Convoy of Hope will distribute them to those in need. Projects like this are simple but create hope: not just for the recipients, but for our community members as well. We strive for meaningful activities which provide purpose and healthy interaction with the world beyond Creekside.

Serving-We succeed by focusing our attention and energies on anticipating and exceeding people’s expectations. Our actions are driven by a “Yes, I Can” attitude and the commitment that we are “Family Serving Family.”

Submitted by Bethany Burrows, Life Enrichment Coordinator

Creekside at Elfindale, Springfield, MO