Norfolk, NE: Rocking the 80s to Celebrate Team Satisfaction

Every year, Heritage of Bel-Air, contracts with My Innerview, to complete an annual satisfaction survey with the team members. The goal with the annual survey is to continually grow the “excellent” responses for “recommendation for the job”. This year, 73% of the total responses for the question “recommendation for the job” were answered with an “excellent” response.

Heritage of Bel-Air is thankful for the team members that chooses to be part of the Bel-Air family and for the fact that 73% of the team is recommended Bel-Air as an employer.

An 80’s party was held to celebrate the high “excellent” responses and thank the team for choosing Bel-Air. 80’s trivia was played, candy bags with 80’s candy were given to everyone, 80’s themed cookies and Tang were served, and 80’s handheld games were given as prizes. Dori Hoffman, Life Enrichment Coordinator, won the contest for the 80s best dressed. Her costume was a classic. She recalls the 80s, as the years for her babies. She was dressed as if she was pregnant, had 1 doll strapped to her leg, and 1 doll strapped to her hip.

Vetter Senior Living’s representative, Andy Fuston, also joined the celebration. He presented the team with a check to use to celebrate high team satisfaction. He thanked them for excellent job they do and for choosing to be part of the Bel-Air family.

Teamwork:  Our relationships are built on mutual trust and respect. We recognize the value and worth of each person we are privileged to encounter, work with, and serve. We seek to understand what is important to others and let people know they are appreciated for who they are and what they do.

Submitted By:

Katie Frederick, Administrator

Heritage of Bel-Air, Norfolk NE