Hooper, NE: September Perfection

September 9th proved to be a day of Perfection. Hooper Care Center held their annual Resident and Family Picnic. This year we decided to plan for the picnic to be outdoors as we had the North Bend area Community Band coming to play for us, and having a 25 – 30 member band inside would have been a bit loud. We started the event with a Thanks to God for providing us with beautiful weather, great company, and the blessings of our staff for their dedication to providing World Class care to our residents and families. We were able to share the beautiful day with around 180 family members and friends. The North Bend Area Community Band gave a performance that brought back great memories, recognition of Veterans and chances to sign along. Unfortunately the band director was Diane’s high school band director and he remembered how well Diane did in band (not). Thanks to all our staff for the extra work it takes to hold this event outdoors, and to home office for letting us borrow a few pop ups.

Outstanding Facilities-We will develop buildings and grounds that enhance quality life and are recognized as attractive landmarks in their community.

Submitted by Diane Villwok, RN Administrator

Hooper Care Center, Hooper, NE